The Railbird: Viktor "Isildur1" Blom Wins $1 Million on Sunday; Tollerene Drops $703K

Posted at 10:30 2013-03-13 by Brett Collson

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom's recent upsurge continued Sunday as he won more than $1 million during a 10-hour session on Full Tilt Poker. After losing his heads-up match to Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier during the PokerStars-versus-Full Tilt Poker challenge in London Sunday morning, Blom hung around the virtual felts to face off against some of the site's top regulars at Omaha hi/lo, 2-7 triple draw, and pot-limit Omaha.

According to HighStakesDB.com, Blom began the day playing a brief session of $1,500/$3,000 2-7 triple draw where he lost $163,000 in only 308 hands. After taking a short break, Blom returned to the $1,500/$3,000 2-7 triple draw table, dubbed "Enterprise," and won $98,979 in 184 hands. He was playing a table of $2,000/$4,000 Omaha hi/lo at the same time and won just under $200,000 in 356 hands, bringing his daily winnings to around $136,000.

But Blom's biggest conquest of the day came at the $400/$800 pot-limit Omaha tables against Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene. Both players won more than $1 million last week, moving them into the top three on the yearly earnings leaderboard behind only Alexander “PostFlopAction” Kostritsyn. Sunday's match drew spectators from all over the world and they weren't disappointed.

While we already told you Blom was the big winner of the day, Tollerene did manage to win some big pots early that kept him in the match. In one early pot, worth $146,478, Tollerene rivered a flush against Blom's trip deuces. He followed that up with a $244,000 win with a set of aces against Blom's set of twos. Check out both hands in the video below:

The two exchanged several big pots as the match pressed on, but Blom went on a huge rush to close out the match as a $724,808 winner. The three biggest pots came in the last 30 minutes, with each being pushed Blom's way. The largest pot of the day was worth $300,000, and it didn't even get to showdown. On a board of {6-Hearts}{4-Spades}{A-Spades}{A-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}, Tollerene led out by betting $92,476 into a pot of $115,595 and Blom responded by moving all-in for $137,060 total. Tollerene folded, and Blom increased his lead.

We managed to catch that hand as it happened, as well as the other two biggest pots of the day. You can view them right here:

Despite losing more than $700,000 to Blom, Tollerene took his loss in stride, relying on an old cliché to describe his day.

Hours after his match with Tollerene wrapped up, Blom returned to $1,500/3,000 2-7 triple draw and $2,000/4,000 Omaha hi/lo for two more hours before calling it a day. He won another $123,000 during that session, bringing his daily winnings to just over $1 million.

Blom's profitable day vaulted him into first place on the yearly earnings leader board, slightly ahead of Kostritsyn. Tollerene is still among the year's top earners with close to $1.8 million in profits, but he dropped to fourth in the standings behind Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond. Here's a look at the year's biggest cash-game winners on Full Tilt Poker as of Monday morning, according to HighStakesDB.com:

1Viktor "Isildur1" Blom$3,364,017
2Alex "PostflopAction" Kostritsyn$3,334,743
3Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond$1,797,335
4Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene$1,779,843

Read more at HighStakesDB.com.

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