The Sky Has No Limit

Posted at 18:48 2009-05-18
Sommer Callis is a 21 year old young lady full of energy with a beautiful spirit and a close association to many in the poker industry. Unfortunately her life has been turned upside down after recently being involved in a horrifying car accident.
She’d been living on her own for only a short time when late one night she was returning a video to the store for a friend, when she was involved in a head on collision just a few kilometres from her home. Her head went through the windscreen and although she survived the accident, she suffered extensive facial injuries.
She went through 11 hours of surgery to her face on the night of the accident, and there will be additional surgeries in the years to come. Her family is so thankful that she was fortunate enough to survive that evening and prays that this will not break her spirit.
However the financial impact of this accident on Sommer’s family is beyond the provisions of their insurance. It’s during these tough times that our community must band together to help those in need.
As such PokerNetwork is happy to support a tournament which has been organized to support the Sommer Callis Medical Relief Fund.
The tournament will be held at RaidBet on May 23rd at 18:00 server time, which the morning of May 24th for Australian players. The buy-in is $110 with 50% of the prize pool going back to the players, with the other 50% contributing towards the Sommer Callis Medical Relief Fund.
We encourage all poker players to support this worthy cause and help a young lady and her family in times of despair.
In addition if you would like more information or would like to make a donation directly then please visit http://www.skyhasnolimit.org.
Thanks to all for your support.

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Please support the Sommer Callis Medical Relief Fund Please support the Sommer Callis Medical Relief Fund

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