WSOP Main Event Day 8 - Then There Were Nine

Posted at 23:06 2010-07-18

They may be free of the annual circus that is the World Series of Poker, for a few months at least, but it will likely take a fair while longer for the nine final table contestants of the 2010 World Series Final Table to return to reality. Almost six hours after eleventh place finisher Pascal LeFrancois had departed, it came down to an Ace and a King being unable to outdraw two Queens.

So it was after a monster final table bubble that American Brandon Steven became the November Nine bubble boy to suspend play for a few months. Steven will take home $635,011, while eight of the remaining nine players will be guaranteed millionaires after the final table in November. All of the remaining players were paid out the ninth place prize money of $811,823, and will return to fight it out for more under the television lights.

Two Canadians, Six Americans, and one Italian will make up the most talked about nine players in the game for the remainder of the year. The player with the highest previous profile is hovering dangerously in the middle of the pack with Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi still on course to secure an unprecedented triple of the Chip Reese Trophy (for winning the $50,000 Eight Game Championship), the World Series of Poker Main Event, and the World Series of Poker Player of the Year.

At the top of the counts will be Canadian Jonathan Duhamel from Montreal, Canada. Duhamel’s biggest previous result came with a $54,904 score in Prague at the EPT. He also grabbed $37,276 for a 15th place finish in a $2,500 No Limit Hold’em earlier in this year’s World Series.Another Canadian Matthew Jarvis will also play on the final table, while Full Tilt Poker must be pretty happy with their acquisition of the lone European on the final table, Italian Filippo Candio.

The other five players are Americans with varying degrees of profile. Although you can rest safe in the knowledge that ESPN and the various poker media will thrash their stories out of relative obscurity in the carnival style build up to the final table.

Love it or hate it, the playing of the WSOP Final Table in an almost live to TV style in November has proved popular among poker enthusiasts. The build up to the final table is now a massive event, and the bookies get in on the action as well, creating more than just a passing interest for the new breed of poker fan. 

Those you won’t be hearing about include Adam “Roothlus” Levy (12th), Hasan Habib (14th), Matt Affleck (15th), David Baker (17th), Scott Clements (18th), and Johnny Lodden (27th) who all made their exit on the eighth day of the tournament. Attention now turns to ESPN’s presentation of the poker action recorded at the World Series so far and getting to know the nine guys who will come back in November.

World Series of Poker Main Event Chip Counts:  
Jonathan Duhamel - 55,375,000
John Dolan - 45,300,000
Joseph Cheong - 23,700,000
John Racener - 21,100,000
Filippo Candio - 19,850,000
Michael Mizrachi - 16,800,000
Soi Nguyen - 9,800,000
Matthew Jarvis - 9,625,000
Jason Senti - 8,475,000


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The November Nine for 2010 is set The November Nine for 2010 is set

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