There's Still 14 Freerolls Left in Titan's $15k Winter Series!

Posted at 15:15 2013-02-16 by PokerNetwork Staff

How do weekly $1,000 and daily $100 freerolls sound to you? Pretty good we hope because that’s what our new PokerNews-exclusive promotion, the Titan Winter Freeroll Series, is offering our loyal readers.

The Titan Winter Freeroll Series began with 45 freerolls—15 with $1,000 prize pools and 30 with $100 prize pools—but now there are just 14 left. That means there’s still $5,000 up for grabs, so don’t miss your chance at laying claim to a nice payday.

If you’re a new customer, you can do so just by making your first deposit on Titan Poker during the qualification period. Do that and you’ll be able to play in the next available $1,000 freeroll. That means if you made your first deposit between Feb. 10-16, you’ll be eligible for tomorrow’s $1,000 freeroll. If not, just get busy qualifying for the next one.

Once qualified, you can play in the rest of the $1,000 freerolls either by earning just 100 Titan Points* during the respective qualification period or by making a reload deposit to their accounts during the qualification period.

*Titan Points are earned at a rate of 15 points per $1 in cash-game rake and 17 points per $1 in tournament fees.

In addition to gaining access to the Titan Winter Freeroll Series, new customers can also help themselves to a massive 200 percent bonus up to $2,000 on their first deposits. Download Titan Poker through PokerNetwork, enter the bonus code"PNETWORK," and your first deposit will be matched 200 percent, up to a maximum of $2,000, in the form of a bonus.

What if you’re not a new customer? For those who have already signed up to Titan Poker through the PokerNetwork links and used our bonus code just need to make at least one deposit or reload during a qualification period or earn 100 Titan Points to earn a seat in the next available freeroll. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s a look at the remaining $1,000 freerolls:

TournamentDateTime (GMT)Qualification Period
PokerNews Winter Freeroll #9Feb. 1719:00Feb. 10 — Feb. 16
PokerNews Winter Freeroll #10Feb. 2419:00Feb. 17 — Feb. 23
PokerNews Winter Freeroll #11Mar. 319:00Feb. 24 — March 2
PokerNews Winter Freeroll #12Mar. 1019:00March 3 — March 9

In addition to the four remaining $1,000 freerolls, there are still ten daily $100 freerolls left on the schedule. These freerolls have no entry requirements. As long as you have signed up to Titan Poker via PokerNetwork, you will be eligible to play!

The next available $100 freeroll begins at 19:00 GMT on Feb. 20 and there's no cost to play. However, you can give yourself an edge and increase your chances of winning by making unlimited rebuys—costing just $0.10 each—during the first four levels of play! Remember, the more rebuys you and your fellow players make, the larger the prize pool will become!

The Titan Poker client.
The Titan Poker client.

Tournament NameDateTime (GMT)
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #21Feb. 2019:00
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #22Feb. 2119:00
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #23Feb. 2219:00
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #24Feb. 2319:00
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #25Feb. 2419:00
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #26Feb. 2519:00
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #27Feb. 2619:00
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #28Feb. 2719:00
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #29Feb. 2819:00
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #30March 119:00

If you experience any problems with this or any of our promotions, please contact our Ticketed Promo Support System.

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Titan $15K Winter Series Titan $15K Winter Series

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