This is How a Poker Millionaire Celebrates His 40th Birthday

Posted at 00:30 2014-07-30 by PokerNetwork Staff

Daniel Negreanuhas turned 40 this weekend, which means he is going to be a candidate for the Poker's Hall of Fame vote for the very first time.

Given that he is one of the mos influential poker figure of the last decade, it is safe to say that it is most likely going to be a landslide victory for Daniel.

But this date is not only special because of poker history and the voting. Thanks to the waves the event made through the channels of social media, we have the opportunity to peak into the means of celebration, only accessible to a poker millionaire like Negreanu.

Lets check out some of the pictures tweeted by friends of the Canadian PokerStars Pro.

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Daniel Negreanu 40 Daniel Negreanu 40

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