Three Australians Through To Day 3 Of Partouche Poker Tour; Aaron Lim Third In Chips

Posted at 19:56 2012-09-06 by Matthew Pitt

Aaron Lim, Kyle Cheong and Tino Lechich have made it through to Day 3 of the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event; they are among the 121 players who will return to their seats this afternoon. Lim will start Day 3 with 348,100 chips, enough to place him third in the chip counts, whilst Cheong's 103,000 stack leaves him with a little more work to do. Lechich is one of the shortest stacks in the tournament with just 31,100 chips at his disposal.

Lim will line up on Table 12, Cheong on Table 6 and Lechich on Table 1. Here is who they will sit down with.

1Davidi Kitai252,500
2Pierre Canali112,100
3Jan Heitmann140,200
4Remy Biechel79,800
5Fabrice Touil197,300
6Charania Mohsin194,000
7Juha Lauttamus112,700
8Karen Sarkisyan86,700
9Tino Lechich31,100
1Denis Patout80,000
2Mikael Azoulay106,400
3Marko Neumann95,000
4Kyle Cheong103,000
5Justin Bonomo225,200
6Roland Bachman226,900
7Guillaume Pouillart40,800
8Dan O'Brien146,600
9Michael Darbeaud99,000
1Fabian Quoss165,200
2Gomild Romero107,200
3Aaron Lim348,100
4Thibaud Guenegou17,100
5Kasper Cordes85,500
6Laurent Figarella138,900
7Karem Laquini300,000
8Sebastien Beaulton62,500

Usually with so many big names still left in the field the media's attention would be focussed purely on the players and the potential battles between them but the entire tournament has been overshadowed by reports the organisers have reneged on the €5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool – they are now stating there was never such a guarantee.

Obviously this news has spread through the poker community like wildfire and with many stars taking to Twitter to vent their frustration and anger towards the Partouche management team. The Global PokerNews Team touched on some of the tweets in their Nightly Turbo article and have reached out to a number of people connected to the Partouche Poker Tour including renowned tournament director Matt Savage but there has been no official word from the camp as of yet.

Savage has reached out via the Two Plus Two forum where he said;

I am still trying to get the remaining players something and in discussions with the Partouche management to do so. Once they have made a decision I will be sure to let everyone know. I also promise I will give answers to 2 + 2 and poker community as soon as possible and will cover some of the issues raised in the thread. Unfortunately, being in the middle of the tournament certain issues can't be discussed yet and will have to wait a few days. My priority right now as it has been from the start which is to run the tournament as I was hired to do.

Hopefully this situation will be rectified sooner rather than later because poker does not need another scandal on it hands. As soon as PokerNews has the full story from the Partouche management we will break it to you.

Back to the tournament, as mentioned 121 players are still in the Main Event and they are being lead by Frenchman Paul Tedeschi with 384,200 chips. Hot on Tedeschi's heels are former November Nine member Antoine Saout (374,700) the Simon Ravnsbaek (370,800) and Aaron Lim (348,100).

Partouche Poker Tour Top 10 Chip Counts

1Paul Tedeschi384,200
2Antoine Saout374,700
3Simon Ravnsbaek370,800
4Aaron Lim348,100
5David Williams321,200
6Kyle Julius303,600
7Karem Laquini300,000
8Max Greenwood280,100
9Gaston Onana271,000
10Harry Loria266,900

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