Tien Tran Wins Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event

Posted at 14:13 2011-03-21

After four action-filled days of poker, the sixth instalment of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event has come to a close with Tien Tran being crowned champion.

With the repechage format originating in this very event, it is no surprise that with its success, it has remained as the base structure since its inception. 623 players took to the felt over the three day one starting flights with 524 of those unique. Numbers are up from last year's event (608 entries) perhaps due to a recent lull in local tournaments, as well as a few locals firing out multiple barrels to partake in this cheap but value-ridden Main Event.

As the final day - well planned final day anyway - was upon us, only 214 players remained in the hunt to capture a piece of the $311,500 prize pool. Firstly eyeing off a min-cash at 54 players, followed by a run at the final table, the action flew early with players busting left, right and centre as many jostled for position on the leader board.

Unfortunately for Craig Matthews, a win in the Event 6: $340 Six-Handed Event would be all the success he encountered this week as he grabbed the unwanted honour of bubble boy when his dominated ace failed to improve as players reached the money before dinner.

Everyone must have forgotten about the money on offer because the speed of play increased following the break, as Raemin Alexander (48th), Peter Aristidou (46th), Nali Kaselias (44th), Michael Bancroft (42nd), Chris Barratt (39th), Dale Chapman (38th), Ricky Gov (35th), George Cotaidis (34th), Peter Pratis (26th), Sean Keeton (25th) and David Zhao (15th) all fell to the rail as the final table was set just on midnight - nearly twelve hours after the day began.

The decision was made to play on through the early morning hours as Ben Pockett held the chip lead going into the final ten, however he eventually relinquished that after a series of ill-fated hands, before Dave Lee exited in 10th place after a mistimed button-shove. Pockett would be next to go in 9th place before David Penny and Leonid Cai would soon follow.

One of the key hands of the tournament saw tournament regular Sean Dunwoodie lose a massive pot when his pocket tens were run down by Anthony Yarranton’s {ac}{5s} as the board ran out a disastrous {4s}{kh}{2c}{3d}{2d} to give Yarranton a straight for the double up. Dunwoodie was crippled and eliminated moments later in 6th place before the last woman standing, Tamara Volkoff, became the next victim in 5th place as Tien Tran started to move up the chip counts.

The four remaining players took a short break before returning in a mood to gamble. David Creed exited in 4th place when a cooler of a hand saw his {kc}{9h} outdrawn by Anthony Yarranton’s {Kh}{8s} on a rather cruel board of {Kd}{9c}{8h}{8d}{5c}. It wasn’t the only brutal hand on this final table as PokerNetwork reporter Joshua "procession" Bell will probably lament his {ac}{As} failing to hold against Tien Tran’s {Ah}{Ks} when Tran found a miraculous chop on the {5c}{4h}{2s}{5h}{3s}. Bell couldn't gather the momentum he was looking for as he fell in 3rd place after pushing his {td}{8s} into Tran’s {jh}{Jc}.

With runaway chip leader Anthony Yarranton holding nearly a five-to-one advantage over local player Tien Tran, chips would quickly fly in their heads-up affair as Tran found a double with pocket threes before winning the biggest pot of the tournament when his top pair held up (and then improved) against Yarranton's middle pair.

The final hand was just a matter of securing the win to Tran as Yarranton fell in a gallant 2nd place. Yarranton pushed his short stack in with {7h}{6h} as Tran called with a dominant {8s}{6c}. The board ran out {9h}{2s}{jc}{2d}{8c} to give Tran his maiden tournament win.

“Finally after four years I get my first trophy here at Crown!" exclaimed Tran as he celebrated his victory. Throughout today Tran displayed bouts of aggression, great timing and patience as he carved his way through a tough local field to be the last man standing to claim the coveted trophy, $75,000 in prize money and title of Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Champion!

Final Table Results:

1st Tien Tran - $75,000
2nd Anthony Yarranton - $49,000
3rd Joshua Bell - $31,400
4th David Creed - $23,000
5th Tamara Volkoff - $16,600
6th Sean Dunwoodie - $11,750
7th Leonid Cai - $8,800
8th David Penny - $6,400
9th Ben Pockett - $5,000
10th David Lee - $3,900

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Tien Tran Wins Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event Tien Tran Wins Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event

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