Tom Grigg Dominates Day 2 of APPT Auckland

Posted at 22:33 2010-09-17

It was Day 2 of the 2010 PokerStars.net APPT Auckland Main Event today with 96 players returning to the SKYCITY Poker Room with the goal of surviving the day and getting close to the money. It was a rollercoaster day for some with Andrew Hinrichsen and Nauv Kashyap providing moments of highs before both crashed and burned later in the day. Others to join them on the sidelines included Joel Dodds, Julian Cohen, Cole Swannack, Josh Barrett, Jai Kemp, Richard Lancaster, Raj Ramakrishnan, Ricky Kroesen and Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson.

Perhaps they’ll consider some de-tilting off the SKYTCITY Tower as Dan Neilson and Andrew Hinrichsen experienced yesterday...


However the story of the day was undoubtedly the rise and rise of PokerNetworker Tom “tollgate” Grigg who rose from the ashes after starting the day with just 16,400 to bag up a commanding 546,300. Everything went right for Grigg, from flush over flush, call downs with third pair and dominating all in situations. Once armed with chips, Grigg was virtually unstoppable as he now holds more than one-eighth of the total chips in play and more than double his nearest rival!

Overnight Top Ten

Tom Grigg (PokerStars qualifier) - 546,300
Santi Soriano Ramos (PokerStars qualifier) - 265,300
Danny 'Brotha D' Leaoasavaii - 245,800
Srdjan Mitrovic (PokerStars qualifier) - 245,200
Lance Climo (PokerStars qualifier) - 217,100
Noah Vogelman (PokerStars qualifier) - 195,900
Ropati Toleafoa - 194,500
Tamas Lendvai (PokerStars qualifier) - 166,800
Ardmore Vakalahi - 159,600
Aaron Sue - 151,900

The 28 surviving players will return to the SKYCITY Auckland Casino tomorrow at 12:15pm local time to burst the bubble and strive to reach the APPT Auckland Main Event final table.

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Tom Grigg holds a massive chip lead entering Day 3 of the APPT Auckland Main Event Tom Grigg holds a massive chip lead entering Day 3 of the APPT Auckland Main Event

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