Tom Grigg Leads PokerStars.net APPT Sydney Main Event

Posted at 10:49 2009-12-05

Day 2 of the 2009 PokerStars.net APPT Sydney Main Event saw the 226 Day 1 survivors enter the Star Ctiy poker room together for the first time. The goal was once again to make it through another tough day on the felt, but many found that too difficult as the field was reduced to just 66 players by the time the chips were bagged and tagged.

They will be led on Day 3 by Tom Grigg who is demonstrating that his win in the Semi-Shootout Bounty Event earlier in the week was no fluke as he collected a massive 598,600 chips. Grigg accumulated a fair whack of his chips in a bizarre hand in the early going. A player in the cutoff seat raised to 3,000 before Grigg reraised to 8,000. The cutoff then made it 20,000 and Grigg, not one to back down put in another raise to 50,000. That was not enough for the player in the cutoff, who moved all-in for 140,000. Grigg made the call, and tabled the {Ac}{Ks} which was well ahead of his opponent's unlikely {3s}{4s}. The board would brick out, and the massive 335,000 pot was only the beginning for Grigg.

Others to survive the day include Mike Ivin, PokerStars Team Australia Pros Eric Assadourian and Grant Levy, Aleks Brkovic, Matthew Pearson, Aaron Benton, Leo Boxell, Karl Krautschneider, Jackie Glazier, John Caridad, Daniel Neilson and High Rollers champ Jarred Graham.

Top Ten Chip Counts:

Tom Grigg - 598,600
Jimmy Tran - 541,300
Ernst Hermans - 398,800
Joseph Allis - 398,000
Kitson Kho - 394,300
David Saghabi - 386,500
Mike Ivin - 371,700
David Hibbott - 359,400
Sander Aalders - 349,000
Anders Pettersson - 345,200

PokerNetwork's Lynn Gilmartin caught up with Graham yesterday to chat about his High Rollers win:

It will be a nervous start to the day on Day 3 as 18 players will fall short of the money as only the top 48 will be rewarded for their efforts. Stay tuned to PokerNews for all of the live updates as the 2009 PokerStars.net APPT Sydney Main Event gets to the business end!

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Tom Grigg Day 2 Chip Leader at the APPT Sydney Tom Grigg Day 2 Chip Leader at the APPT Sydney

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