Tony G Crushes Hellmuth and Negreanu at the Big Game

Posted at 16:12 2010-08-26

It’s a busy time at Party Poker with a range of brand new promotions, our Free $50 Cash No Depost Offer as well as Tony G stirring the pot once again in his online blog!

Tony G Destroys Hellmuth and Negreanu at the Big Game

It seems to be a regular occurrence that Tony G lays into his fellow pros, especially one particular poker brat, as Phil Hellmuth continually cops the brunt of the G-force. This week Tony G laid into Hellmuth as well as Daniel Negreanu after cleaning them up in the filming of the televised Big Game in Las Vegas.

“Hellmuth was on my table, I destroyed him – that bike thief Negreanu was also on my table. After taking a loan from him last time out I crushed him and then I crushed him again!”

It is reported that Tony G at one stage had over $1 million in front of him during the cash game, forcing Hellmuth to pack up and leave the game.

“I dispatched every super pro ruthlessly – first I removed their soul, followed by their hearts and then their spinal columns! Finally, of course, I took their money!”

In his most recent blog, the “G” tried to play peacemaker in the Daniel Negreanu vs Annie Duke war that erupted recently. Not wanting to see the war continue, Tony G offered to play the role of “Switzerland” to calm everyone down.

I am Switzerland (not in Switzerland) and here on the end of a phone if you think I can help – my counseling services will get to the heart of the matter. You know I have heart and I don’t like to see people destroying each other.”

“Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race.”

You read more about the thoughts of Tony G himself, along with other Party Poker pros Mike Sexton, Kara Scott and Aussie Millions champ Tyron Krost at the Party Poker Blog. Of course if you want to see Krost in the flesh then head down to the Crown Poker Room this week as the champ is in town and ready to take on the locals at the Victorian Poker Championships.

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Tony G enjoys crushing souls but wants to play peacemaker Tony G enjoys crushing souls but wants to play peacemaker

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