Tony Hachem Wins ANZPT Perth Main Event!

Posted at 23:22 2010-03-21

With seven locals on the final table, a huge gathering of fans and friends flocked to the rails in the Burswood Casino as the PokerStars.net ANZPT Perth Main Event was set for an exciting conclusion. It was local mining engineer Zaffer Soemya who entered with the chip lead, but things quickly went against him on a tough final table.

The short-stacked Wade Beavis was first to go when he failed to double up with his {5s}{4s} falling to the {ad}{9d} of Eoin Kennedy. Soon after, Zaffer Soemya clashed with Aleks Lackovic in a rapid-fire clash between the chip leaders that was the defining hand of the final table. On a flop of {Td}{Jh}{5d} Lackovic pushed hard with his {Ad}{4d} flush draw but Soemya made the call with his set of tens. Lackovic was looking for a diamond but the {2s} turn and {3s} river was just as good to give him an unlikely straight and a massive chip lead.

Irishman Eoin Kennedy was next to go when his {Ac}{5c} failed to improve against the pocket kings of 2009 Western Classic champ Vesko Zmukic, while the downward spiral of Zaffer Soemya continued as he was eliminated in 7th place when his top pair failed to hold as Dale Marsland caught a straight. They were soon followed by Jimmy Wong in 6th place when he pushed {Qc}{Jd} into the {Ac}{Js} of Zmukic and before you knew it they were down to the final five!

All the talk surrounded PokerStars Team Australia Pro Tony Hachem reaching yet another ANZPT final table, and whether this would be his time to capture a major title. Hachem started to surge through the pack as Tu Le fell in 5th place. It was Le’s {as}{Qh} up against the pocket fours of Aleks Lackovic and when the first four cards were spread {Js}{Jd}{ts}{8s} the calculators were out to count the number of outs for Le – any ace, king, queen, ten, nine, eight or spade – but incredibly the {6h} bricked and only four remained.

Dale Marsland’s gallant run ended in 4th place when he pushed with {ad}{6s} into Tony Hachem’s dominant {Ah}{Qh} and Hachem proceeded to flop the nut flush. Hachem’s good run didn’t end there as he collected a nice pot with a set of sixes, before a flush over flush hand went his way against Aleks Lackovic.

Three-handed the momentum was with Hachem as he continued to surge ahead, but it was a dour affair with deep stacks as the three dug their heels in. Hachem fended off the two locals, and eventually got the better of Vesko Zmukic to eliminate him in 3rd place. It was Zmukic’s {Js}{Ts} up against Hachem’s pocket threes which held when the board was spread {4c}{Kd}{Ah}{4s}{5h}.

Hachem held a near two to one chip advantage heading into heads-up play and the weight of expectation on his shoulders as most were preparing themselves for an epic heads-up duel. However it wasn’t to be as the two quickly found their chips in preflop with Hachem’s {Jh}{Jc} up against Lackovic’s ace-king. The flop came down {9d}{3c}{Qc} and Hachem begged the dealer to “keep it low”. He obliged as the {5h} hit the turn and {3d} fell on the river to crown Tony Hachem the PokerStars.net ANZPT Perth champion! Hachem grabs his first major title and his remarkable run in the ANZPT continues. Six cashes from seven events; back-to-back final tables; a big lead in the 2010 Player of the Year race and now a shiny new trophy to go along with $132,750 in prize money! Congratulations Tony!

1st Tony Hachem - $132,750
2nd Aleks Lackovic - $84,250
3rd Vesko Zmukic - $47,500
4th Dale Marsland - $38,300
5th Tu Le - $32,000
6th Jimmy Wong - $26,800
7th Zaffer Soemya - $21,700
8th Eoin Kennedy - $16,600
9th Wade Beavis - $12,750

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Tony Hachem Wins ANZPT Perth! Tony Hachem Wins ANZPT Perth!

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