TonyG Reveals Isildur1's Identity!

Posted at 14:04 2009-12-01

For the past three months there has been one name being discussed around every poker water cooler; it’s not Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan or even Tony Hachem, but the infamous Isildur1.

After showing up on Full Tilt Poker during this September, his first two weeks were pretty uneventful at the $25-50 No Limit Holdem tables before featuring in some of the largest recorded online poker pots to completely re-arrange the big winners and losers of 2009. With all this speculation and talk surrounding Isildur1, it seems PokerNews’ own Tony G is the first to confirm his true identity on his blog just a few days ago, as online forums and poker websites continue to flood their readers with every detail on the wave of Isildur1 hysteria.

“I don’t want to talk too much about Isildur1 but I can reveal to all it is Viktor and he crushed them on the iPoker network for some time,” revealed Guoga to confirm Isildur1 is indeed Viktor “Blom90” Blom.

Blom burst onto the high-stakes European sites earlier this year building a massive bankroll before disappearing. Rumours continue to circulate about Isildur1, with others claiming that he is the same person behind the “martonas” account and that Swedish football legend Henrik Larsson is also Isildur1, but to this day, Swede Blom has neither confirmed nor denied the rumours.

Taking a sidetrack from the Isildur1 debate, Guoga makes some strong insights into where Full Tilt Poker is heading with their high-stakes games. “I want to explore where Full Tilt is going now with these very huge games.  I think the money is not correct right now and that these players are not showing a good example as pros…I am talking about Gus and Durrrr here, for those two world top pros to be losing 15 Million on Full Tilt in six months is not the right example to the up and coming players.” Guoga then provides an answer, “I think Full Tilt needs to kill the big games, with the biggest being 100-200. In the long run, I believe the limits being played right now will hurt the game.  Sure, it’s nice to have so many fans watching but if you look at the chat, they are brutal to Durrrr.  Most of the players like to see him lose his money because they can never play like him.”

However, with Isildur1 being on the tip of the poker world’s collective tongue, it is awe-inspiring to see how he has flourished up the ranks to dominate Full Tilt’s high-stakes games.

After taking around $500k off Haseeb "INTERNETPOKERS" Qureshi, Isildur1kept climbing limits, dispatching of UgotaBanana and Cole South, while losing small amounts to Brian Hastings and Brian Townsend before Tom "durrrr" Dwan set high-stakes railbirds into a frenzy as he sat down with the Swede.

Over four days of action, Isildur1 won over $3 million of Dwan, before pushing that out to $5.2 million to put Dwan’s bankroll into a deep tailspin to see him sit as 2009’s biggest loser; down a whopping $8.2 million.

Isildur1 hasn’t just kept his sights locked on Dwan as he has played against Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies, Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius; and has consequently spread some of his Dwan-winnings amongst the three players with Ivey and Antonius being involved in ten of the largest online pots played during Isildur1 sessions.

Being the only player to have ever won and lost a million dollar pot, it is no surprise that Isildur1 is the talk of the felt, and with a month left in 2009, who knows how much further he can shake up the online high-stakes community.   With Guoga now confirming Isildur1’s identity as Viktor Blom, it will be interesting what impact that will have on the games, and what frenzy will be created when Blom makes an appearance in the flesh!

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Isildur1's True Identity Revealed! Isildur1's True Identity Revealed!

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