Tristan Bain Wins APT Sydney for $281,685

Posted at 07:38 2013-12-09 by Tim Duckworth

Day 3 of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Sydney would see just 43 players return to battle down until a Champion was crowned.

With a multitude of notables having their eyes locked on first reaching the final table before eyeing the $281,685 first prize, Kahle Burns would be dealt a cruel blow when he three-bet shoved {A-}{K-} and got cold-called by Michael Malki’s {4-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} as the preflop raiser folded. Unfortunately for Burns, the flop fell {6-}{7-}{8-} to see Malki flop a straight and send the WSOP Asia-Pacific finalist to the rail.

Sam Valiki, Sam Capra, Minh Nguyen, Todor Kondevski, Sheldon Mayer and Malki all found themselves on the rail before Jonathan Karamalikis would join them when his two pair wasn’t enough against his opponent’s top trips. Andrew Scarf and Errolyn Strang would be next to go as APT Sydney was down to the final two tables as dinner break was called.

Overnight chip leader Amir Minagar was still in control while Antonis Kambouroglou, Daryl Hussey and Trevor Saunders took the other top spots on the leaderboard. Day 1a chip leader Ricky Lim exited in 15th when his {A-}{10-} ran into Andrew Li’s {A-}{Q-} before Li himself would fall in 11th when his {A-}{6-} lost to Tristan Bain’s {8-}{8-}. Kambouroglou lost a race holding {A-}{K-} against Jim Collopy’s {10-}{10-} before Ronnie Shabtay exited in 10th after losing a race holding {8-}{8-} against {A-}{K-} to leave a final table of nine.

Final Table Line-Up

SeatPlayerChip Count
1Glenn McConnell2,400,000
2Daryl Hussey1,800,000
3Tristan Bain2,700,000
4Luca Borreggine700,000
5Jim Collopy4,100,000
6Brent Nichols3,200,000
7Tony Sama700,000
8Amir Minagar2,300,000
9Trevor Saunders2,000,000

Saunders would take 9th when his {A-}{J-} couldn’t spike against Bain’s {J-}{J-} before Collopy fell next when his pocket kings were cracked by Bain’s {J-}{6-}. Bain opened with a raise only to have Collopy three-bet. Bain shoved and Collopy snap-called only to see a {J-}{8-}{Q-}{J-}{6-} board run out to send the American to the rail as Bain possessed roughly 12 million of the 17.5 million in play.

Glenn McConnell exited in 7th when his {K-}{Q-} couldn’t spike against Hussey’s pocket sevens, before Minagar busted in 6th when his pocket sixes were no good against Bain’s pocket queens. Final table short-stack Tony Sama battled his way to 5th after running into Bain’s pocket aces before Luca Borreggine fell next running {A-}{8-} into Hussey’s {A-}{J-}. Hussey would then bluff off a big pot to Bain before falling in 3rd when his {6-}{6-} were dominated by Bain’s {7-}{7-} to leave Bain and Brent Nichols heads-up.

With play stretching over 12 hours, Bain and Nichols would exchange chips back-and-forth with Nichols doubling up to see the chip stack sit evenly before a big pot would play out that saw Bain racing with his {A-}{3-} against Nichols’ {Q-}{10-}. An ace on the flop would leave Bain holding a 17-to-1 advantage before the final hand would play out with Nichols holding {9-}{5-} against Bain’s {8-}{4-}. The board ran out {3-}{3-}{7-}{7-}{8-} and Nichols was eliminated in 2nd place as Bain was crowned APT Sydney Champion and recipient of $281,685.

Final Table Payouts

1stTristan Bain$281,685
2ndBrent Nichols$176,127
3rdDaryl Hussey$95,645
4thLuca Borreggine$72,900
5thTony Sama$59,486
6thAmir Minagar$47,823
7thGlenn McConnell$36,160
8thJim Collopy$25,660
9thTrevor Saunders$18,080

*Photo courtesy of the Asian Poker Tour.
*Information courtesy of Poker Media Australia.

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APT Sydney Champion Tristan Bain APT Sydney Champion Tristan Bain

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