True Believers: the early days of Aussie Poker

Posted at 17:47 2011-08-17

The early days were home garages, ethnic back room coffee shops, Tatts and a number of shady but highly prosperous “Illegals”. It was a risky experience getting into a game and even more so leaving especially if you were winning. It was a long hard road from 1985 to 2003 with very little corporate support. 

From 2003 onwards, million dollar events, online satellites, television and the Crown Aussie Millions have played a major part in that Poker explosion but Aussie poker would never have grown to what it is without the passion and perseverance of the early poker aficionados, the “True Believers” 

***Link to Part 2: Top 30 "True Believers" who shaped poker in Australia***

It is a function of old age that the past becomes more important than the future and memories, good and bad, assume a new prominence. Such is the fate of all of us, even the Young Guns or Milky Bar kids as we were to call the younger players.
Maurie Pears is the Chairman of the Australian Poker Hall of Fame and a long time promoter of Australian poker.
 Link: Visit the Australian Poker Hall of Fame Page


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