Tudor Kondevski Wins Melbourne Champs Main Event!

Posted at 01:15 2009-06-02
The final day of the 2009 Melbourne Poker Championships saw 19 players return to the felt for the conclusion of the Main Event. Popular poker personality Bruno Portaro was the runaway chip leader but the action was all with the unknown quantity of Tudor Kondevski who was on fire in the early goings, picking up pocket kings and pocket aces in the early levels of the day as the players started to drop away.
The pace settled until Kristian Lunardi was a surprise final table bubble, after his top pair fell to Kondevski’s pocket aces and our final table was set. Kondevski took the chip lead into the final table with Portaro and Aaron Tran amongst the leaders.
Online qualifier Guy Agostinelli was first to go when he ran his {Kh}{Qh} into the {Ah}{Kc} of Portaro, but the action started when Aaron Tran got hold of some chips. He erratically eliminated an unfortunate Ricky Kroesen when Tran open-shoved with {Jh}{4s} and flopped the only pair against Kroesen’s {Ad}{Kd}.
Tran’s luck was set to run out as he continues to push his luck. When he doubled up David Zhao with {2c}{6c} versus {Ad}{Jh} all in preflop, he then overplayed his {Ac}{8h} into Portaro’s {Ah}{Kd} and was eliminated in 7th place. Soon after Luke Tsapazis make a move with {Js}{Th} and Zhao called with {Kd}{Qh}, with the board finding another queen for Zhao to bust Tsapazis in 6th place.
The final five took a dinner break and when they returned David Zhao was on the short stack and thought he could turn things around after doubling up with pocket aces against yet another big slick for Portaro. However Zhao’s run ended in 5th place when he pushed with {Ah}{Th} into the pocket jacks of Steve Topakas which held on a board of {8c}{4s}{4c}{7h}{3d}.
Play tightened up four-handed until Bruno Portaro and Mark Iskander clashed in a crucial pot of the final table. In a limped pot the two took a flop of {6s}{8d}{7h} and both checked. The turn brought the {9d} and Portaro led out with a bet before Iskander raised all in to put Portaro to a decision for his tournament life. He made the call with {5h}{3h} for the wrong end of the straight as Iskander had him drawing dead with his {Jh}{Th}. Portaro was prominent throughout the tournament and should be well please with his 4th place finish.
Three-handed play became quite spirited with Iskander holding a huge chip lead. That all changed when Kondevski got lucky with his {Ad}{7d} out-flopping Iskander’s {Ah}{Qh} with all the chips in the middle preflop. Iskander couldn’t recover from this blow and busted in 3rd when he ran his {Js}{Ts} into Kondevski’s pocket kings with Kondevski making quads for good measure.
Kondevski held a comfortable five-to-one chip lead over Topakas going into the heads-up battle. Topakas had entered the final table as the short stack, and battled valiantly throughout, but in the end he ran a triple barrel bluff with {Th}{9s} on a board of {Jh}{Ac}{5s}{2s}{3c} with Kondevski calling him down with {as}{7s}. Topakas added another runner-up result to his resume as Kondevski becomes an unlikely winner and the 2009 Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event winner!
Final table results:
1st Tudor Kondevski - $150,000
2nd Steve Topakas - $101,000
3rd Mark Iskander - $72,500
4th Bruno Portaro - $50,000
5th David Zhao - $38,000
6th Luke Tsapazis - $30,000
7th Aaron Tran - $22,000
8th Ricky Kroesen - $16,000
9th Guy Agostinelli - $12,000
Thanks to the Crown Poker Room staff for yet another tremendously run championship series and congratulations to all of the winners of the past two weeks. With the PokerNews crew busy at the WSOP over the coming months, the next events on the local calendar are the ANZPT Queenstown event in July, followed by the Victorian Poker Championships in August. As always stay locked in to PokerNetwork.com for all the details about upcoming satellites and freerolls to these events.

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Tudor Kondevski Wins Melbourne Champs Main Event! Tudor Kondevski Wins Melbourne Champs Main Event!

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