Turbo Time on Day Four of Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series

Posted at 11:38 2009-03-12
The fourth day of the second annual Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series brought a solid field of 279 entrants for Event #4: $230 No Limit Hold’em Turbo. Not quite the sell out field that was expected with the event set to be capped at 350 starters, but a solid field none the less to create prize pool in excess of $55,000.
Once again the regular tournament junkies were out in force with Dennis Huntly, Andrew Jeffreys, James Potter, Marwan Nassif, Paul Taylor, Peter Aristidou, Leo Boxell, Paul Khoury, Kim Peart and ANZPT Adelaide champ Karl Krautschneider amongst the field.
The format of this event saw players given only thirty second to act on their hands, which kept the play moving quickly and encouraging plenty of hands to be dealt in each of the 25 minute levels. Once again players enjoyed the deep 10,000 chips start banks.
One other familiar face in the crowd was Raj Ramakrishnan who was motoring along with a big stack until he ran into the bigger stack of Andrew Scott. Ramakrishnan was able to recover to reach the money while Scott enjoyed a spot on the final table.
The story of the evening belonged to James Potter who ended up finishing in second place, but only after he was responsible for one of the most brutal bubble bursts you’ll ever see. With the blinds at 4,000/8,000 it was folded around to Potter who made it 25,000 to go. Robert Collina was the sole caller in the big blind. They saw a flop of {9h}{5h}{4h}  and Collina checked to Potter who fired 50,000. Collina then moved all in over the top for another 45,000. Potter ran some quick numbers in his head before making a reluctant call with {4d}{3h} only to see himself in disastrous shape against Collina’s nut flush with {Ah}{Qh}. Turn {4c}. River {4s}! Ouch! Running quads for Potter and Collina headed home with nothing but a story to tell.
In the end Brett Wilcock ended Potter’s run to capture the title and $12,100 in prize money.
Final Table Results:

Brett Wilcock
James Potter
Michael Haidar
George Cotaidis
Yuxiang LI
Ashish Gupta
Isaac Lau
Hugh Condon
Andrew Scott
Tod Thomson

Day 5 of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series offers players two exciting events. The $165 PokerPro event kicks of around midday while the $340 No Limit Hold’em Terminator event should be popular at 7:10pm in the evening. Stay tuned to PokerNetwork for all the latest news from the JHDSS!


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