Two More Aussies Join Team PokerNews

Posted at 07:00 2006-05-29 Melbourne’s Joey Chang and Sydney’s Nathan Johnstone have become the fourth and fifth Australians to join Team PokerNews alongside Vince Moro, Jonny Vincent and Damien Carroll. The final table for Saturday morning’s PokerNews/Pokerroom.com WSOP freeroll was completely overrun with Aussies, who found the 10am start much more preferable. Yourdannyx was a massive chip leader early on, and was quickly joined by Mr_hustlers. CapNNN took the chip lead, doubling up through Mr_hustlers with AK vs AQ to 31k, the rest of Hustler’s chips going to al_coop and taking him to 20k. Joey, playing as Maverick268, had been quiet all day, suddenly was in the thick of things when, with blinds at 500/1000, he reraised Yourdannyx all in for 10k with pocket fours. Yourdannyx made the call with Ad9d and the race was on. Flop was 5h-2h-3h, the turn a blank and the river was the ace of hearts – Joey holding the 4h for the miracle straight flush. Yourdannyx later returned the favour, doubling up through Joey with AK vs AQ. Left with just 9,500 six-handed and blinds at 600/1200 and rising, Joey was in a perilous position, but somehow managed to hang on and took the win, the final hand a classic race with pocket threes versus AKs. Joey has had some good results in the Sunday Crown tournaments, and actually told his poker buddies in advance that this was the year he would win his way to the WSOP - congratulations on completing your leap of faith! Early this morning, 181 players gathered to battle it out at CD Poker. This time the final table was crowded with Dutch players – at least five out of the final ten. With high blinds and ten minute levels, the game soon became a series of all ins, lone Aussie Nathan was the first to profit – tripling up with JJ vs AK vs AJ and taking down a 43k pot to be just behind the chip leader. Down to six players, chip leader Svenaldo accidentally hit the all-in button with KQ and Nathan quickly called from the SB with pocket queens, doubling up to 60k. He was again on the receiving end of some good luck, finding AK behind schuimpie01’s attempted blind steal with 56, and went to four-handed play the leader with 85k. With blinds at 1500/3000 and only 13,000 in chips, PakhouseP made a miraculous comeback, doubling up and knocking out 2 players to be chip leader with 100k going into heads up. Nathan regained the chip lead and soon afterwards, check-raised PakhouseP all in on a flop of 8-4-4. PakhouseP called with pocket threes, Nathan flipped over J8, and now heads to Vegas – a just reward for staying up 26 hours straight! Nathan is well known to all in the Australian poker scene, and was PokerNetwork Young Gun of the Month last November for his excellent results at the 2005 Victorian Champs. Both Joey and Nathan receive a $12,000USD WSOP package which includes a $10,000USD buyin to the WSOP Main Event plus $2000USD for flights and accommodation. Players also get to join Team PokerNews, and receive fantastic exclusive benefits to make their WSOP experience even more memorable. There are still six Team PokerNews WSOP freerolls to take place – with Pacific Poker and Full Tilt recently added to the schedule make sure you get in early! Please check our WSOP freerolls page for information on dates and how to qualify.

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