Tyron Krost Crowned 2010 Aussie Millions Champion!

Posted at 12:28 2010-01-31

For the second consecutive year, the Aussie Millions title will remain on home soil with Sydney’s Tyron Krost capturing the coveted title and $2 million in prize money with a memorable victory last night.

We started out with 746 people vying for the title of 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event Champion, and after seven days of blood, sweat and plenty of tears, there was only one remaining.

Yesterday Krost started out second in chips but a long way behind the experienced tournament pro, and massive chip leader Sorel Mizzi. However slowly Mizzi leaked chips and couldn’t get much going, and once Krost assumed the chip lead four-handed he never looked back.

Krost got things moving in his direction early on with the elimination of Stephen Shelley in 8th place. Shelley pushed his last chips in with pocket sevens on a flop of {8c}{5d}{3d} but ran into the pocket jacks of Tyron Krost. The turn and river bricked out and Krost moved up to 3.1 million chips while Shelley collected $125,000 for a fine tournament.

Shortly after, online phenom Annette Obrestad pushed her short stack preflop holding {Ac}{Jh} with Tyron Krost again the destroyer, this time with the pocket sevens. Krost spiked a set on the {Ks}{Qc}{7s} flop as Obrestad picked up a gutshot straight draw. The railbirds were calling for a ten but it wasn't to be as Obrestad followed up her 21st place finish from last year with a 7th place finish in 2010, collecting $175,000 for her efforts.

We then lost Steve Friedlander in 6th place as once again pocket sevens were involved in the bustout hand. Friedlander held the lucky sevens, but this time was on the wrong end of a preflop race against Kosta Varoxis' {Ah}{Ks}. The board ran out {Kd}{9d}{2h}{Kh}{Js} giving Varoxis trip kings and eliminating Friedlander to leave us with our final five.

After a long delay between eliminations, the action certainly picked up as the clocked ticked past midnight and a new day was upon us.

It appeared that the long day of intense poker finally caught up with Peter Jetten who decided to four-bet shove for 2.3 million chips over the top of the three-bet of Tyron Krost. Jetten only held {Kd}{5d} but got caught making a move as Krost made a huge call with {Th}{Td}. The board was spread {As}{Js}{2d}{7c}{5s} to leave Krost's tens in front and eliminate Jetten from the tournament. Jetten collected a massive $350,000 payday as Krost jumped into the chip lead.

A few minutes later Sorel Mizzi also got caught in a big four-bet semi-bluff with {As}{5s} as Frederik Jensen made the call with {Ah}{Kd}. Mizzi couldn't find a five on the board of {9d}{7h}{3d}{Qd}{3c} and found himself on the short stack for the first time. He wasn't going to stay there for long as he aggressively moved his stack into the middle and managed to double up through Kosta Varoxis. This time Mizzi had the dominant {Ah}{Qh} against Varoxis' {Ac}{4s}. The board fell {8h}{7h}{5c}{Js}{Ks} and just like that, Mizzi was back in contention.

Kosta Varoxis was the one on the short stack and he was the next player to go in 4th place when his {Ah}{6c} went up against the {2c}{2h} of Frederick Jensen. The board fell {Qc}{9h}{7c}{Td}{2s} to give Jensen a set of deuces and Varoxis $450,000 in prize money.

Sorel Mizzi had plenty of support at this final table, but it wasn’t to be for the Betfair pro as he fell in 3rd place when he took {7c}{7d} to war against Tyron Krost's {As}{Ks}. The board arrived {Kh}{Th}{5h}{8d}{2h} to pair up Krost's king and leave Mizzi heading to the cashier to collect his $715,000 in winnings.

That left Tyron Krost to take on Frederik Jensen, with Krost holding around a 2 to 1 chip advantage, and he didn't take long to wrap things up.

When the two players saw a flop of {Kc}{3h}{2d}, a raising war saw all the chips head into the middle. Both players tabled top pair, but Krost's {Ks}{9d} was well in front of Jensen's {Kd}{6s}. The turn was the {7h} and the river the {2c} to eliminate Jensen in second place for a collect of $1,100,000.

Congratulations to Tyron Krost! The 23-year old from Bondi in Sydney qualified for the 2010 Aussie Millions via an online satellite on Party Poker. He works in a family-owned furniture business but intends to spend more time on the poker circuit following his win.

Sipping champagne with his large supporting contingent Krost said, “This is totally unbelievable - it is beyond my wildest dreams. If it is a dream, I don’t want to wake up! In total I spent $700 trying to qualify for a package and I have managed to turn that into AUD$2,000,000! I got some really good spots on the final table. When I needed a hand I seemed to get it.”

“It just hasn’t sunk in at all how much money I have just won. I have no idea what I am going to with it. I cashed at the World Series in 2008 but nothing like this.” One person who was also ecstatic was his girlfriend Carly, who was cheering him on from the rail.

1st Tyron Krost - $2,000,000
2nd Frederik Jensen - $1,100,000
3rd Sorel Mizzi - $715,000
4th Kosta Varoxis - $450,000
5th Peter Jetten - $350,000
6th Steve Friedlander - $250,000
7th Annette Obrestad - $175,000
8th Stephen Shelly - 125,000

In other Aussie Millions news David Bach successfully overcame a high quality field in the $10,500 H.O.R.S.E. event to capture yet another H.O.R.S.E. title and prove that he is one of the finest all-around poker players in the game today. The heads-up battle was a beauty as Bach took on four-time WSOP bracelet winner Jeff Lisandro. After duelling for several hours heads-up the previous night, the two agreed to call it a night and return the next day to finish it off. Lisandro was able to claw back some chips, but in the end the cards fell Bach’s way and he was victorious.

1st David Bach - $102,600
2nd Jeff Lisandro - $70,200
3rd Richard Ashby - $43,200
4th Graeme Putt - $32,400
5th Mike Watson - $21,600

One of the other preliminary events to wrap up yesterday was the $1,150 No Limit Holdem/Pot Limit Omaha event where London’s Mark Segal was victorious. A solid final table lineup included Kenneth Damm, Emanuel Seal and Clark Hamagami, as Segal got past George Moussa heads-up to capture the Aussie Millions Championship Ring and $70,720 in prize money!

1st Mark Segal - $70,720
2nd George Moussa - $48,620
3rd Charles Cuschieri - $33,150
4th Clark Hamagami - $24,310
5th Emanuel Seal - $16,575
6th Joe Williams - $12,155
7th Kenneth Damm - $8,840
8th Yngve Steen - $6,630

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Tyron Krost Wins Aussie Millions! Tyron Krost Wins Aussie Millions!

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