Poker Strategy: Understanding Tendencies of Micro Limit Opponents

Posted at 11:29 2009-01-07
When playing texas holdem at the lower limits it is important that your primary strategy is to avoid being extra fancy against your less experienced opponents. Since the lower limits generally attract recreational and new players, the emphasis on defeating those types of players lies in applying a smart, disciplined strategy rather than showing off every move you have learnt at the poker table.
Beginners who have chips for the first time will often over bet their big pairs with any kicker. For the seasoned player this is usually against the grinding strategy so be prepared for the heavy barrage of chips that often represent big hands that may be second best to your hand.
No Bluffing
A beginner may not have learnt the best spots to actually represent or use their position to bluff players off a pot. If a beginner is betting, calling or check raising they often have a hand of some sort so beware when you think of going over the top to scare them off.
Calling Stations
Beginner texas holdem players are known to be calling stations. They love to chase the flush draw and do not like to fold top pair or even two pair when a flush or straight is obvious. There is even no real need to think about value bets, if the beginner has a hand that has connected with the board, they are not going anywhere with their hand. Be careful if considering a powerful all-in bluff because if the beginner has even bottom pair, they might still call you.
Beginners will limp in the hand since they are not use to folding. They will complete the small blind and defend their blinds from your button steal move if they see any picture card. Forget about your blind steal with nothing, they will be calling. What does this all mean? To outplay your opponents, use a tighter opening range and bet all the way to the river with your good hands. It is very likely that you will be paid off. All the multi-level thinking moves like re-steals and squeeze plays, you can simply forget about as they will not work at the micro levels.
Bad Kickers
Every body loves to see an ace. However beginners will love to play any ace with any kicker. Punish them with their poor choice of cards. Yes they think that if they have connected their ace with the board, they have the best hand, however they will often be outkicked. Make sure they are punished when they limp, by raising in position and making them call down with the second best hand. They will hopefully soon learn this lesson by losing their chips to you with their dominated ace.


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Understanding Tendencies of Micro Limit Opponents Understanding Tendencies of Micro Limit Opponents

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