Van Marcus Takes Third at Full Tilt Poker Merit Cyprus Classic

Posted at 18:30 2010-08-26

Although we’re midway through the Victorian Poker Championships, Van ‘Sirens’ Marcus decided it was his turn to steal the limelight as he became the second Australian to make an International televised final table in recent months.

Van Marcus has been one of the most consistent players in Australia on both sides of the felt over the past few years. Ever since he began collecting tournament scores from when he first graced his hometown’s Crown Casino, Marcus has earned the respect of his peers, a wealth of experience and plenty of accolades; underlined with his two PokerNetwork Play of the Month awards in both November 2008 and August 2009, as well as the PokerNetwork Young Gun of the Month in January 2007.

Recently minted a Full Tilt Poker Red Pro, the high stakes cash game player is predominately known for his skills in Pot Limit Omaha; having played some of the highest stakes online and live. However Marcus has never been one to stay away from the tournament grind and has collected six WSOP cashes; three of which were final tables, along with countless results in the Australasia region. However it was his major victory in the PokerStars.net APPT Manila Main Event in 2008 that saw him break the shackles and pick up over US$160,000 in one of the most “blessed” runs we’ve seen in a tournament in recent years.

Through all the close calls, deep runs, blinged-out watches, designer clothes and stolen Ferraris, Marcus has remained one of the most down-to-earth players in the country that is happy to share a story, some advice or a drink with anyone. And in this time, he has managed to collect over $1,000,000 in tournament earnings, mainly courtesy of a triple final table appearance at the previous Victorian Poker Championships in 2009.

After a hot run twelve months ago in Melbourne, Marcus opted to miss the Vic Champs this year - a series that has gifted him eight cashes along with igniting his career with his maiden cash and victory all the way back in 2004. The reason why? The 2010 Full Tilt Poker Merit Cyprus Classic and a mix of sponsorship obligations, love for the Mediterranean Sun and a chance to take a play with some of the world’s best.

Five days ago 181 players handed over US$5,400 to take part in a tournament with a twist since any player could rebuy or add-on anytime during the first five levels. Fresh off making the November Nine, Michael Mizrachi, Filippo Candio, John Racener and John Dolan all took apart along with Chino Rheem, Kelly Kim, Sorel Mizzi, Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Ivey. However it would be Marcus who slowly worked his way through his Day 1a opponents to finish fifth in chips, and tenth overall as both flights merged on Day 2.

Finding an early double holding a set, Marcus was then gifted an opponent’s stack when he decided to call Marcus’ five-bet shove with just ace-jack. The Melbournian’s pocket jacks held and saw him soar to the top of the leaderboard before finishing the day slightly better than how he entered it, as he sat ninth on the leaderboard with 48 players remaining.

The third day was a fairly quiet one for Marcus, but he still managed to bag the seventh most chips while also guaranteeing himself a US$12,995 payday as the final eighteen was reached by the end of play. The penultimate day of the event saw Marcus chip up early before dispatching of two opponents when finding kings and aces as he found himself back on top with a final table of six in sight. Unfortunately, Marcus would be pipped on the line as he would have to settle for second chip leader entering the televised final table.

Entering the day with final table with 1,436,000 in chips, or sixty big blinds, Marcus would soon see a third of his stack shipped to one-time chip leader Mathieu Clavet when he folded the river to a sizeable bet on a board of {Qx}{Tx}{8x}{Kc}{Tc}. With overnight chip leader Zsolt Vasvenszki on the rail in fourth, Marcus called for some Tequila shots, and after quickly knocking back the first with Clavet, was disallowed to do another by the Tournament Director.

The Tequila was like the alcoholic version of Weetbix as Marcus found a double when he shove for roughly nineteen big blinds on the button with {Jh}{Jd}, and found a double against Clavet and his {Ad}{Ts}. Unfortunately the next Tequila shot was unable to match the results of the previous one, as Marcus moved all in from the button with ace-six and was called by his drinking buddy Clavet and his much stronger ace-jack. No six landed on the board for Marcus, as the Melbournian and Full Tilt Poker Red Pro hit the rail in 3rd place for a US$162,415 payday – his fourth biggest to date.

Following plenty of support from everyone back in Melbourne and around the country, Marcus had this to say this afternoon, Thank you to all my friends and family for the incredible support, it means the world to me. Now...where do we go next? Melbourne, London WPT or France EPT! Only God knows...”

Well we may not be sure where Van is heading to celebrate or tackle the next tournament, but for all those much closer to home, PokerNetwork is live at the 2010 Victorian Poker Championships with exclusive coverage of the upcoming High Stakes Holdem and Main Event. So like Van, maybe you can began to write your own story at the tournament where ‘Sirens’ started back in 2004!

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Van Marcus finishes in 3rd place at the Full Tilt Poker Merit Cyprus Classic Van Marcus finishes in 3rd place at the Full Tilt Poker Merit Cyprus Classic

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