Vengrin Lands Big Score To Please ChipMeUp Investors

Posted at 12:40 2009-04-10
ChipMeUp.com continues to offer players a tremendous way to boost their bankroll with smart investors picking the right horses to land the big bucks. One recent big score was thanks to PokerNews online poker blogger Matt "plattsburgh" Vengrin in the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP).
While the SCOOP Event #8-Hi $3,150 No-Limit Hold'em is out of the reach of most, players were able to still be a part of the high stakes poker action thanks to ChipMeUp. Vengrin offered shares in the event and sold six shares to four different CMU members. After a deep run, Vengrin eventually busted in 24th-place finish worth $15,000 which gave investors a healthy 168% return on investment, in addition to the excitement of participating in one of the biggest tourneys on the entire SCOOP schedule.
Vengrin isn't alone in participating in both past and upcoming events… and offering shares of themselves on ChipMeUp. Here's just a sampling of some of the big-name players who have shares of themselves in upcoming events (ChipMeUp handles in parentheses):
Matt Vengrin (MattVengrin): 2009 SCOOP Event 19 Med - PL Omaha
Evan "NEONPILS99" Parkes (EvanParkes): 2009 SCOOP Event 19 Hi - PL Omaha
James "Mig_com" Mackey (JamesMackey): 2009 SCOOP Event 18 Med - FL Omaha 8/b
Tony G (TonyG): 2009 SCOOP Event 19 Hi - PL Omaha
Rayan "rkruok" Nathan (rkruok): 2009 SCOOP Event 19 Hi - PL Omaha
These and thousands of other players are buying and selling shares of each other at ChipMeUp, continuing to maximize their chances of sharing in some of online poker's biggest prizes. Visit ChipMeUp to join in the fun today!


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Vengrin Pleases ChipMeUp Invesors Vengrin Pleases ChipMeUp Invesors

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