Vic Champs - Camp Quality Cup

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-24
Christine McCraw - Camp Quality Cup winner
The Victorian Poker Championships got underway with a charitable start in the form of the Camp Quality Cup. With $50 from each entry going straight to Camp Quality, the poker community came out in force to support the cause and the event was locked out at 264 players, which meant $13,200 was raised straight off the bat. Speaking of bats, the first place prize was nothing to sneeze at, with $5,000 and a cricket bat signed by the Australian cricket team up for grabs. Those who finished second to sixth would also receive a cash prize and an added gift, while 7th to 27th place received cash prizes. With Camp Quality the focus of the night, many players seemed happy to gamble, and the field was under 200 within the first hour. Early chip leader Marten Benjemen had luck going his way as he called Michael’s Ford’s all-in bet with Q6. Michael held AJ and looked set to double up when the flop came down A-A-Q, but Benjemen caught runner-runner queens for quads and was up to 18,000. He was joined on the leaderboard by David Saab who put all his money in with a pair of eights on a 8-3-K flop against pocket queens, and caught an eight on the turn to double up to 18,000. Ironically, David was eliminated a short time later with KJ versus QQ. As blinds went up to 800/1,600 and the field dropped to under 60 players, Mourad "Doc Crazy" Malki surged to the chip lead with 30,000. Pushing all-in at every opportunity, Malki was up to 45,000 and extended his lead even further when an opponent pushed with K4 against his AJ – the board was K-J-A-J-A and Malki eliminated a player with a full house. Blinds rose again to 1,300/2,600 and there were 37 players left – just ten until the money. Arul Thillai had been amongst the leaders all day and it was his turn to catch the rush – first he caught quad kings with KK against Angela Eagleton’s JJ, then he spiked an ace on the river with AQ to eliminate Jim Ververis with KK in 24th place. Arul also put an end to Mourad "Doc Crazy" Malki’s run – with both players in the blinds covered, Arul pushed all-in from the button with 68. Malki called with A4 and the board came down T-Q-9-T-7 to give Arul a straight on the river. Malki was eliminated in 12th, and donated all of his $200 winnings to Camp Quality. As the final table was decided, standings were as follows: Seat 1: Frank Ghiri - 75,500 Seat 2: Arul Thillai - 58,000 Seat 3: Nick Kaselias - 62,500 Seat 4: Marwan Nassif - 51,000 Seat 5: Owen Howden - 15,500 Seat 6: Christine McCraw - 86,500 Seat 7: David Lee - 26,000 Seat 8: Rohan Safstrom - 47,000 Seat 9: Tim Evans - 28,000 Seat 10: Brian Hull - 78,000 Arul and Brian were the first players to depart the final table, both eliminated on the same hand by Frank Ghiri. Frank struck again as he called David Lee’s push on a board of 6-T-8-5 with AK. Lee had J7 and couldn’t hit on the river, and was out in 8th. Shortstack Tim Evans was next to go, followed by Rohan Safstrom whose pocket jacks ran into Christine McCraw’s pocket kings. Marwan was running short on chips and unfortunately his push with 69 was called by Frank in the big blind with AK, and Nick Kaselias met a similar fate as he pushed all-in with Js9s for his last 34,000 with blinds at 13,000/26,000, and was called by Christine with K8. The board blanked out and it was down to three players. Owen Howden was eliminated in third as he pushed with KJ only to be called by Frank with AQ. A flop of Ac-Jd-3h meant Owen still had some outs, and he picked up a straight draw on the turn card of 10d, but a 6h on the river ended his night. The tournament was virtually over when Christine won a 500,000 pot – Christine limped in for 40,000 and Frank checked the big blind. On the flop of 10-J-3, Frank check-called Christine’s bet of 40,000 and he checked again as another 3 came on the turn. Christine pushed all-in with 83 for trip threes, and Frank called with T7 for two pair. The river was a blank and Frank was left with 32,000. Forced all-in, Christine eventually won with trip tens and adds the Camp Quality Cup title to another recent tourney win at Crown. To add to her good fortune, Christine actually won her seat through a raffle at her local pub poker league. Over $15,000 was raised for Camp Quality, if you weren’t able to attend but would like to make a donation, please visit their website at www.campquality.org.au Click here for the Live Tournament Reports Camp Quality Cup Top Ten Results (click here for full results) 1st – Christine McCraw - $5,000 and a cricket bat signed by the Australian cricket team 2nd – Frank Ghiri - $2,000 and a V8 Superlap at Phillip Island 3rd – Owen Howden - $1,000 and a football boot signed by James Hird 4th – Nick Kaselias - $750 and a racing jersey signed by Greg Murphy 5th – Marwan Nassif - $500 and a Commonwealth Games flag signed by Ron Walker 6th – Rohan Safstrom - $300 and two Rove Live audience tickets 7th – Tim Evans - $250 8th – David Lee - $250 9th – Brian Hull - $250 10th – Arul Thillai - $250

Frank Ghiri - 2nd place

Owen Howden - 3rd place

Nick Kaselias - 4th place

Marwan Nassif - 5th place

Rohan Safstrom - 6th place

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