Vic Champs - Mark Vos wins $240 NL Rebuys Event

Posted at 07:00 2006-09-03 The second of the rebuy events – the $240 No-Limit Holdem – was expected to be popular, and there were 295 players that lined up for what was going to be a huge prizepool. As always, the action in the rebuy period centered around Emad, who wasn’t alone on what became known as “Psycho Table 17” – Martin Comer and David Saab joined in as well. Roman Pesochinsky was the first to profit as he found aces with three callers and it held up to give him a 19,000 pot. Challenging Psycho Table 17 was Crazy Table 8 with Mark Vos and Milan Gurung. Mark arrived late and was seated as an alternate, rebought straight away to have 2,000, and promptly tripled up with TT versus 77 versus 66. Not content with just 6,000, Mark kept pushing during the rebuy period and ended up with 16k after his 9s2c won in a four-way all-in – the board had four clubs and Mark flush with the 2c was enough. Psycho Table 17 almost ran out of chips and had to be reloaded twice – the damage done at the end of the rebuy period was 83 rebuys/addons – 20 of those belonging to Emad. Crazy Table 8 had 59, while the total number for the field was a staggering 1224. Mark Gibson from Table 17 was chip leader after the rebuy period with 21,000, followed by Mark Vos with 20,000 and Roman Pesochinsky with 16,000. Emad had 8,000 but shot into the chip lead after winning a massive three-way pot. On a flop of 4h-Kd-6d, Emad, Martin Comer and Roman Pesochinsky got their chips in, Roman had Qd8d, Martin K4 and Emad Kh6h for top two pair. The turn and river were both hearts, giving Emad a flush and taking him up to 60,000 in chips. Emad’s luck just kept getting better, he eliminated two players with pocket aces versus queens versus nines and was now over 100,000. Mark Vos was another player who was running hot – all-in with QsJs versus QJos on a queen-high flop with one spade, Mark hit runner-runner spades to win. Then down to 8,000 with blinds at 1,500/3,000 Mark was all-in with TT versus QQ, and the board came down 3-9-J-8-7 to give Mark a straight. The very next hand, Mark called an all-in with 33 and was up against A2, he was behind with an ace on the flop and was ready to muck his cards until he caught a 3 on the river. He sent another player packing with QQ versus A7 and was up to 56,000. The field hit 30 players and the money in the wee hours of the morning, those that made the cash included Ray Walter (30th), Ellen Royston-Ing (26th), Vadim Pinsky (25th), and David Saab (18th). With fifteen players left, the average chips was just over 100,000 and blinds were at 6,000/12,000, however since Mark Vos and Emad had about half the chips between them, there were a lot of short stacks trying to nurse their way to the final table. Tony Hachem was forced all-in for less than the big blind and departed in 15th, followed by Scott Reddie who was all-in for 23,000 with AsKs versus Jd5c and lost when four diamonds came on the board. Jamie Pickering pushed all-in for his last 90,000 with QJ but ran into Mark Vos’ pocket kings and was out in thirteenth, followed by James Potter. The final table bubble went to Sam Sayed, who was also eliminated by Mark when Mark’s KhJh caught a flush on the turn against Sam’s pocket threes. The final ten players were: Seat 1. Kim Vevle - 108,000 Seat 2. Colin Rich - 77,000 Seat 3. Steven Russell - 95,500 Seat 4. Duncan McKinnon - 80,000 Seat 5. Myron Plumb - 45,500 Seat 6. Alex D'Ambrosio - 72,000 Seat 7. Emad Tahtouh - 306,500 Seat 8. Andrew Mil - 131,000 Seat 9. John Vincent - 83,000 Seat 10. Mark Vos - 521,500 Blinds were wound back to 4,000/8,000 to give the players some more room to manoeuvre, but chips were flying around at breakneck speed. Alex D’Ambrosio was was the first player to leave the final table, when his pocket sevens ran into Andrew Mill’s pocket rockets. Colin Rich followed when he called John Vincent’s all-in with 99. He was well ahead of John’s A9 until an ace hit the flop and he was out in 9th. Norwegian Kim Vevle was sent packing after he was all-in for 84,000 with 99 against Emad Tahtouh with KJ. Emad turned a straight and only just had Kim covered after a disastrous start to the final table. Myron Plumb had managed to double up on the first hand of the final table, but his second all-in wasn’t as successful as his AQ ran into John Vincent’s AK. The cards kept going John’s way but there were some unexpected results. John was involved in a hand with Mark Vos – John raised to 33,000 from the button and Mark called from the small blind. The flop was Qs-Ah-6d, Mark checked and John checked behind, the turn was 5h and both players checked again, the river was the 9h, Mark bet out 40,000 and John flat called. Mark had KcQh and there were a few giggles from Emad and Mark as John flipped over As9s for two pair. John then checked to showdown against Andrew Mill on a board of Kh-8s-6h-7h-4h and couldn’t believe it when he turned over Ah8c for the nut flush – he thought he had the Ad. Stephen Russell correctly called all-in to Mark’s push from the button, and was in a good spot with AT versus Q5 but the flop came down 6-Q-Q and Stephen was out in sixth place. Mark had most of the chips and it seemed most of the luck as well, as he then eliminated Duncan McKinnon with A3 versus QQ. With four players left, the chips were relatively even, Mark was leading with 496,000, followed by John Vincent with 399,000, Emad with 312,000 and Andrew Mill with 312,000. Andrew was the next person to run into Mark Vos as he got all his chips in with AsQc on a 6s-6c-Ac flop only to find that Mark had flopped trips with Td6d. A ten on the turn gave Mark a full house and Andrew was out in 4th place. With Mark, Emad and John all good friends, there was a lot of friendly banter as three-handed play began. When John folded his small blind to Mark and showed a king, and then folded his big blind to Emad’s raise and showed an ace, he copped a friendly ribbing from both his fellow competitors. John eventually bowed out when he pushed with A6 and ran into Mark with AQ, leaving Emad and Mark to battle it out. Mark started with a massive chip lead – about 1.25 million to Emad’s 244,000. Emad had finished 2nd in the first event of the Vic Champs and wasn’t looking to do it again – he was all-in the very first hand of heads up play and doubled up with AQ versus 55. He then drew level with Mark after winning a 580,000 pot – Mark raised to 40,000 and Emad called. The flop was Kc-9d-3h and both players checked, the turn was the 6c, Emad checked, Mark bet out 50,000 and Emad called. The river was the 8d, Emad led out for 200,000, Mark thought for short time and made the call and Emad flipped over 5s7s for the nuts – a straight to the nine. Mark took a slight lead when he reraised Emad’s river bet on a board of 6-9-4-T-Q and Emad folded and he now had 900,000 to 600,000 in chips. The end came when Mark raised to 60,000, Emad reraised to 200,000 and Mark flat called. The flop was Th-Ad-6d, both players checked and the turn was the 8s, Emad pushed all-in and Mark quickly called. Emad had Td3h for a pair and a flush draw, but Mark had AcAs for a set. The river was an 8s and Mark claimed first place and $47,164 in prizemoney.

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