Vic Champs - Michael Sampieri wins Omaha Hi-Lo

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-29 Proving that No-Limit Holdem isn’t the only game people can play these days, 108 players lined up for the start of the $230 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo event on Sunday night. The field was double that of the Stud event, with many players willing to take a chance even if they weren’t too sure of the rules! Van Marcus, who cashed in the $5,000 Omaha Hi-Lo event at this year’s WSOP, was expected to do well but departed early, as did Arul Thillai and Sam Khouiss. Mick "the Hoon" Stanton and Maurie "Master" Pears were amongst the chip leaders early, Mick providing surefire entertainment for anyone within earshot – which basically meant the whole room. With only the top ten players paid, the field dwindled quickly as blinds rose and players started gunning for the final table. With 19 players left, John Warrener was the runaway chip leader with 50k, well above the average at that time of 17k. Maurie was eliminated in 17th as he pushed all-in with Kc-Td-9c-3h and was called by Michael Sampieri and John Warrener. With the board showing Ks-9s-8d-4h-3d, Michael bet the river and John folded, Michael showed 4c-4d-2d-Tc for a set to win the hand. Gary Benson (16th), John Dalessandri (14th), and Ulf Hansen all fell short of the final table, as did Peter Riley who finished on the bubble in 11th place courtesy of Rattler who held Ac-Kd-9d-8d versus Peter’s As-Qs-8s-7c. The board was 6c-Ad-Td-6d-Jc and Rattler’s flush was enough to take the pot. The final table lineup looked like this: Seat 1 – Anthony “Rattler” Donjerkovic – 40,000 Seat 2 – Michael Whibley – 7,000 Seat 3 – Michael Sampieri – 40,000 Seat 4 – Mick “the Hoon” Stanton – 110,000 Seat 5 – John Warrener – 19,000 Seat 6 – Kelvin Beattie – 40,000 Seat 7 – Jiri Rozsival – 20,000 Seat 8 – Colin McKay – 26,000 Seat 9 – Stuart Gollan – 26,000 Seat 10 – Roman Pesochinsky – 15,000. With blinds starting at 4000/8000, there were a number of players in trouble early. John Warrener was the first player lost from the final table, he pushed the last of his chips in on a flop of 7h-3s-7c with Ad-Kc-Jd-9d against Kelvin Beattie, who had a seven which was enough to scoop the pot. Colin McKay departed soon afterwards as he was all-in with his last 8000 with As-Ts-9c-2h versus Michael Sampieri with Ad-Ac-8h-6s, the board came 2s-4d-Jd-Jc-7c and Michael’s two pair took it down. Blinds went up to 6000/12000 and Michael Whibley was all-in for his last 5000. Called by Kel in the small blind and Jim Rozsival in the big blind, Michael was out in eighth when Jim’s Ac-Jh-8s-2h hit a straight on the turn (board 3s-7s-Tc-9d-x) and it was down to seven players. Michael Sampieri eliminated another player, Jiri Rozsival, in 7th place with Ad-Ts-7s-2c – the board was Th-Ts-8d-8h-5h and Michael won with trip tens. With 6 players left, Michael and Mick had a commanding lead over the field with 100k apiece, while Rattler was the definite shortstack with 2k. Having waited as long as he could, Rattler was all-in for his last 2000, as was Kelvin Beattie for his last 8000. Michael and Stuart Gollan called, with Stuart folding to Michael’s bet on the flop of T-9-8 rainbow. Michael showed A-K-J-9, Rattler J-J-T-K and Kelvin was in trouble with J-5-3-2. The turn was a 7 and the river a 9 to give both Rattler and Michael a jack high straight and eliminate Kelvin in 6th. Although he survived a number of further all-ins, Rattler couldn’t hang on and was eliminated in fifth by Stuart Gollan whose Qc-9d-5c-4s got lucky when the flop was Tc-9c-3c. The turn and river were both jacks and Rattler’s Ad-Kc-Td-3d saw him out of the tourney. With the blinds now at 12000/24000, Stuart’s stack of 48,000 just wasn’t enough and he was next to depart in fourth place with A-7-5-4 versus Michael’s A-A-J-9. Michael then won a 168,000 pot with Ks-Kh-Td-7s on a board of 7d-Jc-2s-7c-2s versus Roman to take a commanding lead. With Roman and Mick both shortstacked and on equal chips, they both threw in their last 5000 on a board of 9c-9s-8c-2c-Ac. Roman showed 5c-5h-3c-3d for a flush for high and A-3-4-5-7 for the low to scoop the pot and eliminate Mick in third place. Michael started the heads up battle with 208,000 versus Roman who had 116,000. With blinds so high it was only a matter of time before Roman was all-in. On a flop of Ad-4d-3s Roman check-raised Michael, who 3-bet, with Roman making the call. The turn was the 6s, Roman bet out, Michael raised and Roman reraised all-in. Roman showed Ac-Qc-8s-4s but Michael had 6d-6d-5h-2d for the straight and the nut low and Roman needed a spade to stay alive. The river was the Qh and Michael scooped the pot and the first place title. Click here for full results Click here for the Live Reporting Archive

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