Vic Champs - $175 NL HE - The Fast and the Furious

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-30
$175 No-Limit Holdem winner Peter Astruc
The Crown Poker Room was, well, full when the $175 No-Limit Holdem event kicked off on Tuesday night. Playing 11-handed, there were 484 players seated, with 115 alternates on the waitlist, bringing the total number to 599. The speed of play was absolutely furious – it took less than 45 minutes for over fifty alternates to be seated, and the field was down to the sixty players in the money just after midnight, after only five hours of play. Chip leaders Brendon Edmunds and Greg Cook clashed and Brendon was all-in preflop with pocket queens versus Greg with pocket tens. A ten on the flop was disaster for Brendon and he was eliminated in 50th place. Weng Wong from Adelaide was also amongst the chipleaders. Earlier in the night Weng had eliminated two players when he caught a flush on the turn against one player who flopped top pair, and another with pocket aces. It was a stroke of good fortune for the Adelaide dealer who was only able to get to the tournament over an hour after the start. Roman Pesochinsky wasn’t bothered by a lack of sleep – he came second in the $230 Omaha Hi-Lo the night before and was playing until 4:30am, and returned to make the money. With thirty players left, Roman doubled through Sam Khouiss with AK vs AQ and looked in good shape to make a run at the big cash. As the field moved closer to the final table, chip leader Greg Cook was bullying his table. They had good reason to fear him – as he just couldn’t miss. Greg knocked out Tracy Tuhakaraina in 17th with A6 versus QTs, and the next hand he eliminated Sreng Choor in 16th with AK versus Sreng’s pocket jacks. On the last hand of the night, George Lucas was eliminated on the feature table with KhJh versus As7s, and Geoff Cooper was out at the same time on the other table so players were allocated equal tenth place. The nine players for the next day’s final table were: Seat 1 - Greg Cook - 362,500 Seat 2 - Tony Kutlesa - 116,000 Seat 3 - Jereme Ezekiel - 98,000 Seat 4 - Sam Khouiss - 134,000 Seat 5 - Charlton Thorn - 192,500 Seat 6 - Kim Ueule - 189,500 Seat 7 - Steve Buuya - 158,500 Seat 8 - Roman Pesochinsky - 134,500 Seat 9 - Peter Astruc - 112,000 The final table started amid some drama when Tony Kutlesa was disqualified for breaching the terms and conditions of entry. His chips were taken out of play, and at the time this article was published, it was still undecided what to do with his prizemoney. Chip leader Greg Cook stated his intentions early as he declared that he wanted to play the Omaha event in two hours time. He dropped a 200k pot to Sam Khouiss early on when Sam hit the nut straight, and then folded a 150k pot to Steve Buuya. Sam Khouiss went from strength to strength as he slowplayed his pocket kings versus Charlton Thorn with 99 to eliminate Charlton in 8th and win a 300k pot. Greg was next out as he pushed all-in for his last 60,000 and was called by Kim Ueule. Greg had pocket nines, but Kim had pocket tens and Greg was eliminated. Jereme Ezekiel had started the day as shortstack and departed in 6th place as he called all-in with J5 on a board of J-9-2-8 only to watch Sam Khouiss turn over T7 for the straight. After making back-to-back final tables, Roman Pesochinsky once again fell short of a win. Sam Khouiss raised to 40,000 from the button, Roman pushed all-in from the small blind and Sam called. Roman was behind with QJ versus Sam’s KJ and a king on the flop sent Roman home in fifth place. At this stage, Sam had a commanding lead with 750k over Peter Astruc (240k), Steve Buuya (230k) and Kim Ueule (160k). However Peter doubled up through Sam in somewhat surprising circumstances – Sam raised to 32k and Peter called, the players saw a flop of 5-T-3, Sam bet 30k and Peter made the call. The turn was a T, Sam checked and Peter checked behind, and the river was a 6 – Sam checked, Peter pushed all-in and Sam called. Sam showed KK, but Peter had 47 and had hit his gutshot on the river. Sam was hit again as he raised to 60k and Steve raised all-in for just over 100k more. Sam called and Steve was ahead with A9 versus T8. The board blanked out and Steve doubled up to 340k. It was Peter again who delivered the ending blow to Sam – Peter raised to 80k and Sam reraised all-in for 242k more. Peter called and was well behind with A6os versus Sam’s AQ but the flop was 2h-6h-7h and Peter had the pair and the Ah for the flush draw. The turn and river blanked out and Sam was unlucky to be eliminated in 4th place. Steve Buuya was out in third place – Peter struck again but this time with the best hand and he was heads up against Kim Ueule for the title. Peter had a massive chip lead over Kim and was putting the pressure on. Peter moved all-in and Kim put his tournament life on the line and called with Ad4d. Peter showed Th7h and flopped a 7, then turned a ten for good measure to knock out Kim and take down first place. Click here for the Full Results Click here for the archive of Live Tournament Reporting

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