Vic Champs - $230 PL 7-Card Stud

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-27

A small but dedicated field of fifty players lined up for the third event of the Vic Champs – the $230 Pot-Limit Seven Card Stud. As expected, the field was made up of the more ‘experienced’ figures of the poker community, but there was quite a few young guns as well. Martin Comer jumped out to a massive lead early, but like the previous day, couldn’t hang on to make the final table. John Joannou and Joe Cabret took over the chip lead, joined by Scott Smith from Sydney. Approaching the final table of eight, players started to drop quickly. Angie Italiano was eliminated by Scott Smith when she put her straight up against Scott’s trip sixes and Scott filled up for the boat. Maurie 'Master' Pears was out in 11th place as he lost a 30k pot to Phadros Thrasivoulou. Maurie had two pairs kings and twos versus Phadros’ pair of queens but Phadros found a third queen on 7th street to eliminate Master. Tony Trimarchi was out in 10th place, followed by Andrew Dimock in 9th, and it was down to the final table and the money. The lineup looked like this: Joe Cabret – 26,100 Ray Walter – 47,100 Daniel Seremet – 35,800 Scott Smith – 38,700 David Gorr – 12,600 Ellen Royston-Ing – 10,900 Phadros Thrasivoulou – 48,300 Karl Le – 1,300 Ellen was first out from the final table in 8th place, next was Karl Le who took his shortstack into battle with an ace showing and ran into Ray Walter’s pair of tens. Ray collected a third ten for good measure and Karl was out in 7th. Danny Seremet from Sydney then won a huge hand, doubling up through Ray Walters. Getting all his chips in with T8 showing versus Ray’s A8, Danny had a pair of nines in the hole versus Ray’s 67 and it held up. Danny eventually eliminated Ray shortly afterwards as he called Ray’s all-in bet with both players showing 8s. Danny ended up with two pair and Ray departed in 6th. Joe Cabret moved into the lead after hitting a full house versus David Gorr’s flush, and Joe hit another full house to eliminate Scott Smith in fifth. David Gorr was left crippled and was out soon afterwards in fourth place courtesy of Danny Seremet. Going into three-handed play, Joe had 111k, Danny 64.5k, and Phadros 57k. Phadros doubled up through Joe to take over the chip lead. Danny did the same to leave Joe crippled. Joe managed to double up with 33 versus Danny to get back up to 58.5k, and then stole the blinds a number of times to crack the 100k mark. With players almost all square, Phadros got all his money in with 99 versus Joe’s TT and caught two pair nines and sixes to leave Joe with 8.5k. Joe couldn’t pull off another comeback and was out in third. Phadros had a two-to-one chip lead over Danny, and extended it further before players decided to make a deal and play it out for the trophy. Danny put his chips in with AA showing but Phadros turned over two pair sixes and sevens to claim the win. Final Results Live Reporting Archive

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