Vic Champs - Roy Vandersluis wins $240 PLO

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-31 The first of the rebuys events kicked off on Wednesday night with the $240 Pot-Limit Omaha. Rebuys were $100 and 98 players came prepared, with many stacks of ten or more black $100 chips spotted around the place. The random number generator that allocated seating apparently had a sense of humour as Emad ‘Rebuy King’ Tahtouh and the equally aggressive Arul Thillai were seated together at Table 33, along with Eric Assadourian, Billy the Croc, Richard Grace, Baden Logan and Jim Sachinidis. First hand Emad was all-in with Richard Grace and Jim Sachinidis, and Jim flopped a full house to triple up. Towards the end of the rebuy period, Sam Khouiss was moved to Table 33 as well, and was encouraging everyone to go in blind. Arul and Emad joined in, and Baden (who was last to act and may have had a peek first) called as well. Baden was the only player with two diamonds in his hand, the board was 5h-Jd-Ad-Kh-8d and Baden won with a flush. The very next hand, Arul, Billy the Croc, Emad and Sam were all-in and Baden was last to act again and quickly pushed the large pot he won the hand before all-in. Baden showed As-Ac-5c-2c and the board showed 2-2-5-x-x to give him the full house and the chip lead with 17,000 Given that Table 33 had 62 rebuys/addons, there were some hefty chip stacks, another player to benefit was Eric Assadourian, who carried 11,000 out of the rebuy period. He found some good fortune with under thirty players remaining as he bet pot with K-Q-J-9 on a flop of J-K-4 and a player reraised all-in with 4-4-J-6. Eric made the call, and caught a king on the river to make a higher full house and jumped up to 30k. Baden and Jim S were also still alive as the field dwindled below 20 players and all three from Table 33 eventually made the final table. The final nine players (and coincidentally money finishers) looked like this: Seat 1: Baden Logan - 25,500 Seat 2: Roy Vandersluis - 104,000 Seat 3: Johan Verkuijl - 57,500 Seat 4: Michael Sampieri - 45,000 Seat 5: Milan Gurung - 31,500 Seat 6: Jim Sachinidis - 54,500 Seat 7: Eric Assadourian - 100,000 Seat 8: David Campbell - 32,000 Seat 9: Steve Wise - 66,500 Steve Wise was first to depart, he was crippled early and was then eliminated after he was all-in with A-K-Q-8 against Eric with Q-6-5-4 and Eric hit two pair. David Campbell was also unlucky early – but in a different kind of way – he caught AA three times in quick succession only to raise and have everyone fold every single time. Michael Sampieri was out in eighth as he raised pot (blinds 1500/3000) and was forced to call all-in against Jim Sachinidis’ reraise. Jim had Kd-Kc-9h-3h and it held up against Michael’s Ah-Kh-8h-7d. This was Michael’s second final table of the Vic Champs after he won the Omaha Hi-Lo earlier in the week. Baden was eliminated in seventh place after he pushed all-in with K-J-J-T against Johan Verkuijl who called quickly with A-A-Q-3. Milan was next to go as he took his Ad-3d-Qs-6s into battle against David with Ac-7c-Jh-8s. David hit two pairs jacks and eights, and Milan’s tournament was over. David’s luck came to an end as he called all-in with K-K-J-4 on a flop of Q-T-7 only to see Roy Vandersluis flip over Q-Q-A-3 for a set of queens. Roy struck again as Jim Sachinidis put the last of his chips in with A-7-T-T on a seven high flop and Roy called with A-J-J-8. The jacks held up and Jim was out in fourth place. Eric Assadourian eliminated Johan Verkuijl in third place with K-K-J-9 against A-Q-3-3 and was slightly behind Roy going into heads-up play with 200,000 versus Roy’s 317,000 in chips. Eric doubled through early – Roy limps from the button, Eric raised 24,000 and Roy called. The flop was 7s-2c-Ac, Eric bet out 72,000 and Roy called. Eric only had 65,000 left and he put it all-in on the turn card of 3d, Roy went into the thinktank and Eric had to eventually call time. Roy decided to make the call with A-Q-4-6, and Eric was in front with A-7-4-6 and stayed that way to take the lead with 390,000. However Roy was able to double up with Q-J-4-5 as on a flop of Q-9-4, he bet out and Eric raised the pot to over 100k. Roy called and put his last 22k in on the turn of 2d and Eric called with an open-ended straight draw and couldn’t hit. On the last hand of the tournament (blinds 8000/16000) Eric limped from the small blind and Roy checked. The flop was 9s-6d-Qd, Eric bet out 32,000 and Roy called. The turn was a Qs and Roy bet out enough to put Eric all-in. Eric had less than 50,000 left and was forced to call with 9h-8d-4d-4h however Roy had Qc-Jc-2c-2h. There was no diamond on the river and Roy was the champion. Click here for the full results Click here for the archive of Live Tournament Reporting

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