Video Vault: World Series of Poker Week #5

Posted at 19:00 2012-07-03 by Lynn Gilmartin

Each week we are handpicking our favorite videos that we've filmed throughout the hallways of the Rio at the 43rd Annual World Series of Poker.

The Grinder

The $50k Poker Players Championship is one of the most elite events on the poker calendar each year. Until this week, no one had ever won it twice. Michael Mizrachi has now set that record, becoming the two-time PPC Champion after bulldozing over the final table in just five hours.

The Straddle

This week's episode of The Straddle features "What the Muck," some random dance moves, and much more.

Explain This

Last week's edition of Video Vault, featured a lead image of Jason Mercier with the tagline "The Dog Sitter." Coincidentally, we found out this week that he happens to have quite a lot of love (and fear) for animals.

Where the Magic Happens

Lets just say, Sarah Grant had a chat with Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck in a slightly different setting than what we're used to.

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