Vongsykeo Leads Event 7 at Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series

Posted at 20:00 2009-03-14
Day 7 was the second flight of the Event 7 of the 2009 Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series. It was the $340 No Limit Hold’em Two Day Event and a large field was expected for the non-working day flight.  While some may have been turned away by the torrential Melbourne downpour, others were stuck in traffic and late to the felt as 195 in total turned out for today’s fight. This put the total number of starters for the event to 326, creating a very nice prize pool.
Today’s field including the likes of Andrew Jeffreys, Manny Rodrigues, Paul Rochford, Andrew Demetriou, Peter Artistidou, Julius Colman, Antonio Casale, Daniel Neilson, Graeme Putt and Brian Hull.
The 15,000-chip starting bank and 25-minute levels allowed players plenty of game time, although they dropped away at a steady rate throughout the day.
Twelve levels were played before they called it a day with 72 players surviving. They will return tomorrow at 12:10pm along with the 31 survivors from Day 1a to play it out for the title.
When the chips were bagged and tagged the top ten chip counts entering Day 2 are as follows:
Bong Vongsykeo - 188,300
Craig Callaghan - 158,200
Hugh Cohen - 107,700
Manny Rodrigues - 106,400
Andrew Scott - 101,700
Hernando Zaldivia - 97,900
Raj Ramakrishnan - 89,700
Eugene Portlen - 85,200
Carey Ciuro - 84,600
Martin Harvey - 81,100
Tomorrow evening will also see the mixed games specialists out in force for Event #8: $550 H.O.R.S.E as we start to get towards to business end of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series!

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