Vos Victorious in Event #2 at PokerNews Cup Alpine

Posted at 18:51 2009-03-24
Amidst the snowy Austrian Alps, 63 players took part in Event #2 of the PokerNews Alpine Cup - €50+5 No Limit Hold’em with Rebuys. Despite the small amount of players who took their seats for this event at the Saalbach-Hinterglemm Ski Resort on Sunday, there was plenty of action early on during the rebuy period, building up a sizeable €10,623 prize pool after 97 rebuys and 59 add-ons. Australian WSOP bracelet winner Mark Vos was not the only notable in the line-up: Ramazanali Abbassi and Luke O’Kelly also participated, along with Liv Boeree, who came into the tournament late into the rebuy period after spending the morning carving up the ski slopes.
However the snow seemed to be the only thing on her mind Boeree was one of the first to depart after the rebuy period. Play tightened up from this point, but such was the speed and structure of this event, the money bubble burst and final table were both reached just after the dinner break! Mark Vos was responsible for bursting the bubble - Thomas Wagermaier found himself all-in with pocket fives against Vos’ {As}{9s}. The board ran out {6s}{7s}{9c}{8d}{Ks} – despite Wagermaier’s turned straight, Vos got the nut flush on the river, sending him to the rail.
With the final table set the chip counts and table seating looked like this:
Seat 1 – Gerard Deckers (14,100)
Seat 2 – Joost Winjen (15,300)
Seat 3 – Viliyan Petleshkov (22,200)
Seat 4 – Michael Pesek (82,000)
Seat 5 – Michael Kainz (12,300)
Seat 6 – Christian Fischbacher (100,500)
Seat 7 – Stephan Inhester (28,700)
Seat 8 – Rasmus Gandrup (52,100)
Seat 9 – Mark Vos (88,100)
Vos would continue his momentum by getting his money into the middle with {Ac}{8s} against the {Kc}{3h} of Gerard Decker. The flop of {4d}{Tc}{4c} kept Decker in the lead, but the turn of the {8h} put Vos in the lead. A meaningless {5d} fell on the river – Decker’s day was done and he collected €420 for ninth place.
Viliyan Petleshkov was the next to go in eighth place, after his {Ah}{Tc} came up against the {Ac}{Jh}. The board bricked out {4d}{7c}{8d}{5c}{9d}, ending Petleshkov’s tournament life, but giving him €540 for his trouble.
Vos then stepped up to knock out another three opponents – two in the one hand and then another shortly after! Michael Kainz and Joost Winjen were the victims of Vos’ double elimination – after Vos raised pre-flop in early position, Winjen moved all-in over the top and Kainz committed the last of his chips into the pot as he had most of them already in the big blind.
Vos: {Kc}{6s}
Kainz: {Ks}{Td}
Winjen: {3h}{3d}
Though Vos was the underdog, the flop of {9h}{Ah}{6d} gave Vos the lead. It stayed that way as the {7d}{Qs} peeled off on the turn and river, leaving Kainz to pick up his €640 for seventh place, whilst Winjen collected €740 for his sixth-place finish.
Then it was Michael Pesek’s turn to head over to the cage to collect his fifth place prize of €840. Pesek moved all-in holding {Ac}{Jh} pre-flop, but could only stand by and watch as Vos and Christian Fischbacher checked down a board {Js}{2c}{2h}{9s}. Despite having hit two-pair on the flop, Vos fired out a bet on the river {8c}. That saw Fischbacher get out of the way and Vos rolled up {Qd}{Td} for the nut straight.
Fischbacher was then the next to go, eliminated by Rasmus Gandrup in fourth place for €1,060. It almost looked like that they would split the pot after they got their money into the middle pre-flop – Fischbacher held {Ah}{6d} whilst Gandrup had {As}{5c}. The flop brought {5s}{7h}{3d}, giving Gandrup the lead with middle pair. The turn of {8c} opened up a few outs for Fischbacher to stay alive, but it wasn’t to be as the river bricked out {Ks}.
Despite Gandrup adding to his stack, he was the next to be eliminated, courtesy of Mark Vos. Gandrup check-raised all-in on a flop of {Ah}{Qs}{6s} but Vos called, turning over {As}{5d} for top pair, whilst Gandrup was seeking another spade holding {4s}{3s}. The {Ad} appeared on the turn, giving Vos trips, and after the {Jc} peeled off on the river, Gandrup was out of his seat taking home €1,280 for his third place finish.
It didn’t take much longer for Vos to secure victory, having built up a dominant stack for the heads-up battle with Stephan Inhester. The final hand of the tournament came as Vos raised pre-flop on the big blind. Inhester moved all-in over the top and Vos insta-called, tabling {Ad}{Ks} whilst Inhester found himself way behind, turning over {Kc}{Ts}.
The flop of {5d}{4h}{Ac} saw Vos shoot further into the lead with top pair, top kicker. With Inhester requiring running cards for the straight, the {Qc} appeared on the turn, leaving Vos to sweat out the river. Vos need not have worried, as a repeat {Qs} fell on the river, eliminating Inhester in second place for a €1,920 payday.
Vos was the last man left standing, rightfully earning the €3,183 first place prize. His dominant display on the final table and subsequent victory has proven that he is up there with the best of the new generation Australian poker players. Congratulations Mark!

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Mark Vos Wins Event #2 at PokerNews Cup Alpine Mark Vos Wins Event #2 at PokerNews Cup Alpine

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