Want Longer Lasting Poker? Paul Zimbler Breaks Record For Longest Poker Session!

Posted at 14:20 2009-09-28
We have all heard of people setting and breaking weird and bizarre records. People trying to be the world’s best in bizarre fields that other ‘normal’ human beings would never even have considered as a possibility. The poker industry is not immune from these kinds of feats. We have seen both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars break and re-break each other’s world records for the largest online poker tournament but it seems that the world of weird and wonderful records is not just a place for the poker sites. English poker pro Paul Zimbler has set a new world record of his own for the longest recorded continuous poker session.  Zimbler played poker for nearly 75 straight hours in a live-game promotion. Now at first I read this and couldn’t comprehend why somebody would think this a good idea however I then found out that all proceeds of this auspicious event have gone to charity.  The marathon session began last Monday night and a clearly mentally and physically fatigued Zimbler finished his herculean ordeal at around 8pm on the Thursday evening.
After such a marathon effort Zimbler was hardly able to walk away from the table. Following his achievement he was rockstar-style carried away from the table. The format was relatively simple - Zimbler had invited players to join him over a four-day series of 20-minute heads-up sessions. The competitors who saddled up against him donated money to play with all of these funds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
The epic record-breaking event was held at the Empire Casino, which is the home for all WSOPE events this year. To get a seat next to Zimbler at the table you had to make a minimum donation of £10.  However, official WSOP Europe sponsor Betfair donated £5,000 to the cause.  Full Tilt Poker also made a large donation.  Zimbler didn’t get a long list of easy players to take on however, with many pros lining up to help out the good cause. Action kicked off with Zimbler facing poker legend Doyle Brunson, while poker bad boy and crowd favourite Mike “The Mouth” Matusow was Zimbler’s final adversary. It was apparent to all involved, the toll that this landmark took on Zimbler’s body. He only just passed the previous mark for recorded consecutive playing time, which sat at 74 hours.  Zimbler was allowed to take a few five-minute breaks and he played a total of 183 sessions. What is probably more amazing than the amount of time that he played is that despite his fatigue, Zimbler managed to win the majority of the matches, posting a record of 102 wins and 81 losses.  More than £35,000 was raised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Some poker players claim to have played poker longer sessions than the record 74 hours, 20 minutes, and 21 seconds.  However, Zimbler’s was a recorded achievement, monitored from start to finish.  Poker players considering trying to break Zimbler’s record should be warned about the potentially harmful effects of severe sleep deprivation.

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Paul Zimbler and Mike Matusow during the Heads-Up Challenge Paul Zimbler and Mike Matusow during the Heads-Up Challenge

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