Warney's Room to Hit a Six at Crown?

Posted at 16:40 2010-09-04

There’s always been Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio, and more recently the Ivey Room at Aria. Well, how about Warney’s Room at the Crown?

888poker Team Pro Shane Warne has started some whispers regarding a business partnership with James Packer in a venture that has been rumoured to involve his very own poker room at Crown Casino. Speaking at a press conference about his newest venture with Groove Gallery, and his growing conglomerate that now incorporates in the vicinity of 16 business investments under Shane Warne Inc, Warney continued to leverage upon his image.

Although the cricket legend is no longer able to cash in on his famous right arm, there is no shortage of pools to find the necessary funds for his next big poker buy-in. Warne’s latest performance on the Crown felt saw him finish third in the $10,200 High Stakes Event during the Victorian Championships. In his biggest poker score to date, Warne cashed out $40,000, holding his own amongst an elite field of high stakes regulars. During the series, Warne also donned a guernsey for the Victorian team in the poker State of Origin clash. Perhaps next year he could be playing in a room named in his honour? If there’s anyone who knows how to maximise their profile to his own advantage, it’s Warney.

There has been a diverse range of businesses jumping on the marketability of Australia’s “King of Spin”, ranging from Advanced Hair, a favourite for past cricketers, to the luxury designer Dunhill. Forging a growing empire that shows no sign of slowing down, Warne has a few future projects in the works that are likely to roll out in the new year. Over the years, Warne has struck up some key relationships and it’s no wonder that his business ventures are rocketing, with long-time mates and associates such as entrepreneur James Packer in his corner. Speaking with News Limited Warney shared, “We’ve got two or three that we are looking at, at the moment. There’s a business that I have with James Packer that we’ll be launching next year. I’m not sure James would want me talking about that yet.”  Let the speculation begin!

So until Warney’s Room comes into fruition, you’ll have to download 888poker to join Warney on the poker felt today!

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Shane Warne on the felt during the Victorian Championships Shane Warne on the felt during the Victorian Championships

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