Who Needs Poker When You're In Cebu?

Posted at 23:18 2009-11-13
The Aussies (particularly Tony Hachem) are enjoying the swimming, the sun, and the luxurious Shangri La Mactan Island resort here at the PokerStars.net APPT Cebu. The poker tournament? Not so much.
Day 1b unfortunately turned out to be a bit of a massacre for the Aussie contingent.
Eric Assadourian was the first to be eliminated, not long into the second level of play. Preflop, Assadourian made an opening raise from under-the-gun with {5c}{6c} and was three-bet out of the big blind by Dustin Bowman to 1,600. Assadourian made the call and they proceeded to the {qx}{5x}{6x} flop. On the flop Bowman led 2,400 and Assadourian popped him up to 7,100. Bowman called and a {2x} hit the turn. This time Bowman checked, and Assadourian took the invite to move all in. After thinking it through, Bowman made the call and tabled {Ax}{ax} to trail Assadourian's two pair. That was until a repeat {Qx} spiked the river to give Bowman the bigger two pair and send Assadourian out of the tournament.
Aaron Benton was the next Aussie to depart. Benton made trips on the river against his opponent, and thinking he was good got all of his chips in. Unfortunately for Benton his opponent had flopped a set, and improved it to a boat on the river.
Both Dennis Huntly and Tony Hachem were bluffed off sizeable pots before the end of the second level, and the bad beats wouldn’t help their cause either.
Huntly lost the majority of his chips after his opponent rivered two pair holding {Ax}{qx} against Huntly's {Ax}{kx} top pair, top kicker. That left him short stacked and he pushed all in over the top of three limpers holding {Ad}{8d}. One of the limpers made the near 5,000 chip call holding {4x}{4x} and Huntly wasn't able to outflip him.
Tony Hachem went out when action was limped five-ways to a flop of {7d} {10d} {4h}. Small blind Priscilla Mierelles checked to the big blind, who bet 1,100. American Johnny Hanes proceeded to move all in for 35,000, Hachem made the call for his final 17,000 chips with {4c}{4s} and found himself in front of Hanes’ {kd}{4d} flush draw. Despite Hachem’s pleas for the board to blank out a {Qd} spiked the river and sent Hachem to the rail with the others.
Steve Bouya’s plight was sicker. He had all the hard work done. On a flop of {Ad}{3d}{9d} he led out 3,500 with his {4d}{5d} and had his opponent fire over the top for 7,000. Bouya tanked it, possibly Hollywooding, before counting down his opponent's stack and setting him all in. The opponent snap-called slapping {ah}{9h} confidently on the table, before dismaying that he was behind. The Australian just needed to hold up. But like Hachem the river {ac} was not the card he wanted to see as his opponent made a full house. Bouya was eliminated a short time later.
13 Australians will return to the field on day two, led by Rody Kaka on 47,900 chips. Defending champion Van Marcus is the highest profile Aussie with chips with 43,700. Michael Marvanek (32,200), Andrew Scott (29,200), Celina Lin (28,000), Karl Krautschneider (18,100), and Tony Dunst (17,400) will all be in the field at the start of play on day two.
You can follow all of the action live on PokerNews.

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The Aussies are working hard on their suntans in Cebu The Aussies are working hard on their suntans in Cebu

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