WSOP 2014: Doyle's Son, Hellmuth and the 91-Year Old Inventor at a Stud Final Table

Posted at 18:30 2014-07-04 by PokerNetwork Staff

Matt Grapenthien won the $10,000-os Seven-Card Stud Championship event on the 2014 World Series of Poker, but the tournament did not turn out the be really special because of him, but because of the line-up at the final table.

From the 102 entries names like Todd Brunson, Phil Hellmuth and Henry Orenstein all reached the final table.

If you are not familiar with these names, Todd is the first-born of the legendary Doyle Brunson, Hellmuth is the 13-time world champion of poker, holding the record for having the most WSOP bracelets, and Henry Orenstein is one of the most influential man in the history of poker.

Orenstein is not only a poker player but an inventor as well. He holds more than 100 patterns, he created the Transformer toys sold by Hasbro, and most importantly he came up with the concept of poker tables with hole card cameras.

Without him, televised poker would have not existed the way it did, and the shows that made people want to play poker live or online, like Late Night Poker, the World Poker Tour,the World Series of Poker and the European Poker Tour, would have never been aired.

And the fact that he reached a final table at the age of 91, is a very impressive feat on its own right. Hats off, Mr. Orenstein!

1Matt GrapenthienUS$268,473
2Todd BrunsonUS$165,891
3James ObstAU$103,895
4Ben YuUS$75,227
5Steve LandfishUS$58,793
6Phil HellmuthUS$46,885
7Henrik HecklenDK$38,073
8Henry OrensteinUS$31,419
9Jesse MartinUS$26,299

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Henry Orenstein and Phil Hellmuth Henry Orenstein and Phil Hellmuth

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