WSOP Day 15 – Allen Cunningham wins 4th Bracelet

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-11 Day 15 saw the conclusion of the $1,000 No Limit Hold’Em Rebuy event, with an entertaining final table featuring pros Andy Bloch and Allen Cunningham. A short stacked Everett Carlton was able to double up early, but Alex Jacob couldn’t do likewise, eliminated in 9th when his T9 wasn’t good enough against Andy Bloch’s AK. Allen Cunningham started to move chips around, and was able to win two very important races. One with KK against Tom Franklin’s AQ, and the other to eliminate Andy Bloch with Cunningham’s AQ outdrawing Bloch’s 99. Cunningham then knocked out Everett Carlton, and suddenly he was looking down at a mountain of chips. Tom Franklin then doubled up on Tim Phan, leaving Phan as the short stack. He was soon eliminated holding AQ against David Rheem’s AK. John Hoang was next to go, followed by Steve Wong, leaving David Rheem with a large lead and Allen Cunningham on the short stack. Cunningham was able to double up with pocket aces, but when Tom Franklin was eliminated in 3rd place, David Rheem had a near 3:1 chip lead over Cunningham. However when Cunningham doubled up with his pocket queens, he was able to re-capture the lead. Finally after an intense heads up battle, it was over when Rheem made a move with J9 only to be called by Cunningham’s AQ. Allen Cunningham wins his fourth WSOP bracelet and pockets $625,830 in prize money! The final stages of the $1,000 Ladies No Limit Hold’Em event were also held on Day 15, with the final 26 returning to battle it right out until a champion was crowned. Mary Jones was an early mover, doubling up twice on her opponents to give herself a sizeable chip stack. Jones managed to hold on to her stack to reach the final table. She was then able to double up once again early on the final table but as players were eliminated and it was down to the final three, Shanee Barton held a 3:1 chip lead over Jones with Beatrice Stranzinger as the short stack. Stranzinger struggled to hang on and was eliminated in 3rd place when her A5 fell to Barton’s QJ on a board of K63Q7. The heads-up contest got off to an incredible start with Jones all-in first hand with JT against Barton’s pocket eights. The flop came AK8, giving Barton a set, and leaving Jones with only four outs to make a straight. The 4 on the turn didn’t help, but then the miracle queen hit on the river, to allow Jones to amazingly double up and stay alive. The momentum and (more importantly) the luck were certainly with Jones as the river was once again kind to Jones in a hand where the two ladies were all-in on a board of 9722. Jones held AT but Barton’s K9 was out in front. Another miracle on the river as a ten hit, to completely cripple Barton. It was soon over with Jones inflicting a third bad beat on Barton on the river. With both players all-in on a board of J933, Jones again needed help with her Q6 against Barton’s A4. The river brings the miracle 6 and Mary “River Queen” Jones wins the Ladies Event, the WSOP bracelet and $236,094. 26 players returned on the second day of the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha event as they played down to the final nine. Australian hopes were high with Mike Guttman and Arul Thillai in tremendous shape to push for a final table birth. Arul took a couple of hits early on and unfortunately was eliminated from the tournament when he moved all-in on a board of 5327. Arul held KK52 for two pair, but Patrik Antonius had flopped a wheel with AA94. An 8 on the river didn’t help Arul and he was out in 18th position taking home $16,394. A tremendous effort Arul. Mike Guttman had a few curly moments as well. A one-outer against Daniel Negreanu was enough to get a mention in his daily blog. He was also all-in preflop at one point holding T997, but was able to double up when the board brought two more tens. With some chips under his belt, Mike was able then to push his advantage and accumulate a good stack by the end of the day. He is looking in great shape entering the final table, and all Australians will be hopeful of another big result. It won’t be easy with a final table featuring Mickey Appleman, Lee Watkinson and chip leader Jani Vilmunen: 1. Jani Vilmunen - $485,000 2. Mark Dickstein - $212,000 3. Mickey Appleman - $102,000 4. Mike Guttman - $283,000 5. Thomas Wahlroos - $168,000 6. Hasan Habib - $349,000 7. Rafi Amit - $99,000 8. Lee Watkinson - $207,000 9. Nick Gibson - $207,000 A busy day also saw the commencement of the $1,000 No Limit Hold’Em tournament with a massive field of 2891 players packing the poker room. There was certainly a diverse range of players in the field, and the action was fast and furious with players keen to either accumulate a big stack or hit the golf course. With 11 players to a table, it was going to be a long and uncomfortable day for many. Joe Hachem didn’t have that problem however, when his pocket aces were cracked sending him back to the hotel room on the very first hand of the day! Gavin Smith was an early chip leader, knocking out several opponents and making some great reads on his inexperienced opponents, while celebrity poker player Shannon Elizabeth also had a good day. However both fell late in the day, shortly after scraping into the money. 139 players survived a wild day of poker with Corey Chaston holding the chip lead, with Humberto Brenes, Greg Mueller and John Phan all inside in the top ten. They will return on Day 16 to compete for a shot at the $526,185 first place prize and the WSOP bracelet.

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