WSOP Day 25 – Hachem Reaches Final Table

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-22 Day 25 saw sixteen players return in the $5,000 Seven Card Stud Event to battle it out until a champion was crowned. Cyndy Violette entered the day as chip leader and continued to apply pressure on her opponents. A short stacked Mike Caro was able to double up early, but David Singer wasn’t so fortunate, and was eliminated in 13th place. The final table saw Benjamin Lin enter with a healthy lead, but Cyndy Violette, Mike Caro, Allen Kessler and Sean Sheikan were all still alive and produced a high-quality and entertaining final table. Mike Caro was crippled early when he ran into Allen Kessler’s quad eights and was out soon after in 8th place. Sean Sheikan was then able to double up as the short stack, while Allen Kessler continued to amass chips by winning key pots. When Kessler knocked out Lupe Munquia, he had taken over the chip lead. Benjamin Lin then eliminated Patrick Bueno and John Cernuto in quick succession, to climb back into contention. With four players left, play tightened considerably until Cyndy Violette was able to take a key pot off Allen Kessler, before eliminating Kessler in 4th place, with Violette’s queens and jacks too good for Kessler’s tens and fours. With three players left Cyndy Violette recaptured the lead when she won a sizeable pot with trip sevens against Benjamin Lin, while Sean Sheikhan continued to battle as the short stack. Sheikhan was able clawed his way back when his trip fours were good enough to take a huge pot off Violette. Soon afterwards Violette fell to Lin’s kings and sixes, and was eliminated in 3rd place. Benjamin Lin held a 3:1 chip lead over Sean Sheikhan heading into the heads up contest. Sheikhan won an early pot but the deficit was too much to overcome and he was eliminated when Lin spiked a ten-high straight on the river to beat Sheikhan’s pair of kings. Benjamin Lin took home his first WSOP bracelet and the first prize of $256,620. The second day of the $2,500 Pot Limit Hold’Em Event saw Australians Joe Hachem and Mike Ivin return along with 38 other hopefuls to duke it out for a final table spot. Both Joe and Mike started the day relatively short stacked and needed things to go their way early to progress in the tournament. Unfortunately for Mike he was unlucky when he pushed with AQ only to run into the pocket kings of Ivan Jones. The board came 8-8-5-6-8 and Mike Ivin was eliminated in 36th place, and took home $4,524 for his efforts. The action was fierce and in an interesting twist, the four chip leaders of the tournament were all seated at the same table. However Daniel Negreanu wasn’t one of them and he couldn’t keep up the pace. He was an early casualty when his pocket fours weren’t good enough against the full house of Marcos Lechman. Alex Jacob was a large chip leader, but it was own our Joe Hachem who was the big mover through the field. Once again Joe demonstrated how to be patient with a short stack and pick the right spots to make a move. He doubled up through Jeff Roberson with pocket kings versus pocket queens, and moved into the top five with just sixteen people left. Joe continued to hold on throughout the day to reach another World Series of Poker final table. The final table lineup is as follows: Seat 1 - Lee Markholt - 128,000 Seat 2 - Maros Lechman - 101,000 Seat 3 - Joseph Hachem - 64,000 Seat 4 - Jeffrey Roberson - 24,000 Seat 5 - John Gale - 134,000 Seat 6 - Lee Grove - 66,000 Seat 7 - Alex Jacob - 524,000 Seat 8 - Kevin Ho - 287,000 Seat 9 - Greg Alston - 80,000 Day 25 also saw the conclusion of the $1,500 No Limit Hold’Em Event. The deep stacks on the final table saw plenty of early action before the first elimination with Billy Duarte knocked out in 9th place. Surprisingly overnight chip leader Ashwin Sarin was next to go when he lost a massive pot to Richard Toth. Sarin was obviously disappointed with his 8th place finish. Jordan Morgan was next when we was unlucky to lose with pocket tens against Michael Binger’s Q4s when a queen hit on the turn. However Binger’s luck was soon over as he was crippled when his pocket queens ran into Mats Rahmn pocket kings and he busted out in 6th place. James Sileo battled hard as the short stack, but he picked the wrong moment to push with AK when Padraig Parkinson showed pocket queens. Sileo didn’t receive any help and was out in 5th place. At this point Mats Rahmn held a small lead, but all four players were still in contention. The lead changed hands on several occasions until Richard Toth was able to double up, leaving Chris Birchby in trouble. Birchby was soon eliminated in 4th place when his Q5 couldn’t overcome Rahmn’s K7. Padraig Parkinson was next to go when his A4 was unlucky to be outdrawn by Richard Toth’s A3. The heads up battle left Richard Toth with a near 2:1 chip lead over Mats Rahmn but in a lengthy match Rahmn was slowly chipped away at the deficit. The key hand came when Rahmn doubled up with K6 against Toth’s KQ on a board of K964T. This gave Rahmn a large lead and he maintained it until the final hand. On a board of JT9, Toth moved all-in with J8 for top pair and open ended straight draw, however Rahmn made the call with pocket kings. Toth had a lot of outs, but a five on the turn and a ten on the river meant the kings were good and Mats Rahmn captured the WSOP bracelet and $655,141 in prize money. Meanwhile the $5,000 Short Handed No Limit Hold’Em Event got underway, as a field of 507 entrants created a prize pool of $2,382,900. Kenna James was the early chip leader, with Gavin Smith and Michael Mizrachi also prominent. An F-bomb penalty slowed the progress of Mike Matusow, while Phil Hellmuth’s traditional late arrival left his stack rather short but he promptly took control of his table. Australian Tony G once again showed his excellent form by producing another solid performance. With around 120 players left, Tony sat inside the top 15, but he lost a few key pots late in the day and was eliminated short of the money. Mel Judah also put in a strong showing and looked to be heading for a cash finish but also fell just short. At the end of the day, the field had been reduced to 36 players. Phil Hellmuth and Jennifer Tilly both fell in the final hands of the day, while David Pham lurks near the top of the field, with Kenna James, Erick Lindgren and John Juanda still in contention. Day 26 will see Australia’s World Champion Joe Hachem go for gold in the final of the $2,500 Pot Limit Hold’Em Event. We will also see the second day of the $5,000 Short Handed No Limit Hold’Em Event and the start of the $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em Event.

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