WSOP Day 11 – Hellmuth Denied Glory

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-07 Phil Hellmuth came within a breath of a record equalling 10th WSOP bracelet, but fell agonisingly short as Jeff Cabanillas came through the field to capture the glory and first place prize of $818,546 in the $5,000 No Limit Hold’Em Event. The final table was a fierce one, featuring several big name professionals including Vinnie Vinh, Marcel Luske, Isabelle Mercier and of course Hellmuth. Luske was the early mover, doubling up through Vinnie Vinh to take over the chip lead. Danny Smith in the short stack was first to go, shortly followed by the surprise elimination of overnight chip leader Vinnie Vinh. After losing a big pot to Luske, Vinh moved in with KQ and was called by Hellmuth’s AT. The board came A62QJ and Vinnie Vinh was eliminated in 8th place. Douglas Carli and Thomas Schreiber were next to go, soon followed by Isabelle Mercier. Mercier lost a key pot to Hellmuth when she tried to make a big bluff on the river, but Hellmuth made the call with only king high to take down the pot. Marcel Luske’s luck ran out when his QJ couldn’t overcome Hellmuth’s KT, giving Hellmuth a large chip lead with three players remaining. However the big bluffs continued when Jeff Cabanillas took down a massive pot against Hellmuth on a board of QJ976 with only AK. A Hellmuth tantrum erupted, as did the crowd when they saw the poker brat had been bluffed big time! Eugene Todd was eliminated, leaving Cabanillas and Hellmuth to duke it out for the title. The heads up battle was an epic one, lasting close to four hours. The lead jumped back and forth with Hellmuth using his experience to pick up small pots while avoiding any big clashes. However Cabanillas took down key pots and slowly gained the advantage. The money all went into the middle on a board of 6d4d3h, with Cabanillas holding 5d3d for a pair, straight and flush draw versus Hellmuth’s 5h4s for a higher pair and same straight draw. The turn brought the 4 of spades, giving Hellmuth trips, but the jack of diamonds on the river completed Cabanillas’ flush and it was all over. Meanwhile the $1,500 Seven Card Stud continued bringing the field of 40 down to the final 8. David Sklansky was an early casualty, while Johnny Chan pushed through the field, doubling up where his queens full of twos was the best of the three full houses in the one hand. David Williams was also heavily involved in the action, going from chip leader to one of the short stacks before battling his way back to end the day in good shape. Tomorrow’s final should be intriguing with a short stacked Johnny Chan in with a chance of capturing a record 11th WSOP bracelet. The final table: John Cernuto (86,000) - Seat 1 Jack Duncan (106,000) - Seat 2 Mitchell Ledis (42,500) - Seat 3 David Williams (142,000) - Seat 4 Matt Hawrilenko (32,000) - Seat 5 Ivan Swertzer (118,500) - Seat 6 Johnny Chan (26,500) - Seat 7 John Hoang (170,000) - Seat 8 Two new events commenced, the $5,000 Omaha Hi-Lo and the $1,500 Limit Hold ‘Em event. The Limit event saw 701 players enter, creating a prize pool of $956,865. Tom McCormick took the early lead but struggled to survive the day. Forty-one players remained in the tournament with most of the field being relative unknowns, a great opportunity for a new face to take the gold. Perhaps the lack of big name pros in the Limit event was due to the clash with the start of the much larger Omaha event. The strength of the $5,000 Omaha Hi-Lo field was best illustrated by an opening table which featured the likes of Scotty Nguyen, Victor Ramdin, Chris Ferguson, Jean-Robert Bellande, Bill Chen, Eli Elezra and Cyndy Violette. Of the Australians, Joe Hachem, Jeff Lisandro and Tony G were performed well early on, however none of them would survive the day. Instead Australia’s hopes now lie with young Van “Sirens” Marcus. Van had an impressive day, mixing it up with the pros and showing his skill in this poker variation. Late in the day, Van was eliminated both Scotty Nguyen and Bill Gazes in the same hand, which enabled him to finish the day well placed in 11th position. There were 265 players that started the event, but it took until 4:30am to break the field down to the final 26 players who are now all in the money. Players will return on Day 12 to play down to the final table and the chance to take home the first place prize of $398,560. Stay tuned to PokerNetwork for details of Van’s progress.

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