WSOP Day 32 – James Gorham Wins Bracelet

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-29 Day 32 was a quiet day at the World Series of Poker with most players resting up for the Main Event which starts on Friday. The feature event of the day was the conclusion of the $1,500 No Limit Hold' Em. The final table of nine players returned for their shot at the gold bracelet with Osman Kibar holding a narrow overnight chip lead. Peter Dalhuijsen was an early casualty when on a board of QJ9A Dalhuijsen pushed all-in with AQ for top two pair, only to see Osman Kibar make the quick call with a set of jacks. A ten on the river and Peter Dalhuijsen had been eliminated from the tournament in 9th place for $72,313. Next to go was George Christian when he moved all-in from under the gun with pocket fours but Jason Strasser made the call from the button with AQ. The board brought a queen on the river to eliminate George Christian in 8th place for $89,531. However the luck of Jason Strasser ran out when he moved in with pocket jacks but ran into the pocket aces of James Gorham. Another ace on the flop gave Gorham a set and eliminated Jason Strasser in 7th place for $108,661 in prize money. James Gorham held a small chip lead, but it was soon lost when Mohamad Ilyas won a huge pot with the nut flush against Nick Ronyecz’s pair of queens. Ilyas had the lead and plenty of confidence as he took down several pots. Miff Fagerlie decided to make a stand with pocket nines against Ilyas’ AJ, but an ace on the flop saw Miff Fagerlie eliminated in 6th place collecting $128,174. Nick Ronyecz was now the short stack but he was able to double up when he won a classic race holding pocket fives against Age Spets’ AK. However he wasn’t so lucky in a three-way pot when Ronyecz’s pocket jacks ran into the pocket queens of Osman Kibar and the pocket kings of Age Spets. The board blanked out to triple up Spets while Ronyecz hit the rail in 5th place collecting $153,044 for his efforts. Osman Kibar hung onto the lead while James Gorham became the aggressor at the table. It looked like Gorman was in trouble when he was all-in preflop with KQ against Age Spets’ AK, but a queen on the flop allowed Gorman to double up and take the chip lead. Spets ran into further trouble when his set of twos lost to Mohamad Ilyas’ straight. He was then eliminated in 4th place when his pocket kings were no good against Osman Kibar’s 9T on a board of 94249. Age Spets took home a handy $178,296. Mohamad Ilyas was now the short stack but he doubled up against Osman Kibar with two pair. However shortly afterwards he was all-in with AJ against James Gorham’s pocket queens. The board of KT693 didn’t help Ilyas and he was eliminated in 3rd place for a payday of $228,800. James Gorham held over a 2:1 chip lead over Osman Kibar as they entered the heads up battle. The end came when Gorham limped in and Kibar raised to $90,000. Gorham called and the flop came Ts6h6s. Kibar bet out $150,000 and Gorham called. The turn was the 7h, and Kibar moved all-in. Gorham instantly called showing 7d6d for the full house. Kibar flipped over pocket kings and needed one of the two remaining kings to stay alive. The river was the Qh, which eliminated Osman Kibar in 2nd place for $420,870. James Gorham won the WSOP bracelet and collected the first

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