WSOP Day 21 – Shootout Shambles

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-18 Day 21 saw the $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em Shootout Event get under way and with a big turnout expected, the field of 600 participants was a little disappointing. The player’s disappointment was confounded even further when they were advised that the event would be played six handed instead of ten handed. This caused some serious grumblings across the poker room, with some players demanding a refund and walking out on the tournament. Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth showed up to the event “traditionally late” only to find that the blinds had been going around 40% faster than they expected. This left them with little hope of a comeback and they were also visibly upset. This adds yet another controversial chapter to this year’s World Series of Poker. The format of this event saw one winner from each table advance through to the next round. The short-handed format created plenty of action and aggressive play, with one table determining a winner within only 45 minutes of play! Australia was well represented and had some success with Tony G, Van Marcus, Roy Vandersluis and Sam Korman all winning their tables to progress to the next round. Unfortunately Mark Vos, Gareth Edwards, Emad Tahtouh, Sarah Bilney, Jeff Lisandro and Mel Judah were all eliminated. Other heat winners included Blair Rodman, Kathy Liebert, Mark Seif, Daniel Alaei, Chris Ferguson, Layne Flack, Marcel Luske, Mike Sexton, Todd Brunson and Evelyn Ng. When play resumes on Day 22, the 100 remaining players will be divided into ten tables of ten, again with the winner of each semi-final progressing onto the final table. The $3,000 Limit Hold’Em Event saw the field reduced to a final table of nine players. Barry Greenstein was looming large in the field, but a runner-runner flush saw Barry eliminated and another signed copy of his book awarded to his opposition. Another large shark in the field was Juan Carlos Mortensen but he also fell short, finishing in 17th place when his pocket tens lost to KQ when a king hit the flop. At the conclusion of the day the final table was: Seat 1 - Tad Jurgens - $61,000 Seat 2 - Mark Newhouse - $106,000 Seat 3 - Fi Tran - $31,000 Seat 4 - Ben Robinson - $103,000 Seat 5 - Ian Johns - $207,000 Seat 6 - Brendan Taylor - $155,000 Seat 7 - Javier Torresola - $132,000 Seat 8 - Jerrod Ankenman - $161,000 Seat 9 - Theo Tran - $74,000 The second day of the $3,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Event saw Australia’s hopes with Jethro Horowitz who started the day in great shape near the top of the field. However Jethro ran into some trouble early on against Chad Brown when his aces and fours lost a key pot to Brown’s aces and tens. Phil Hellmuth was celebrating his birthday but he also took an early hit when he lost a large pot with the second-nut flush to Steve Cowley’s nut flush. Allen Cunningham also struggled to win key pots and was eliminated in 18th place. Meanwhile Jethro Horowitz was working hard to keep his head above water, but generally could only split pots instead of finding hands to scoop the high and the low. Jethro eventually picked a place to push all-in from the button holding QQ43, however Phil Hellmuth made the call from the small blind holding AJ92. The board of AJ369 brought no joy for Jethro and he was eliminated in 16th place. This is Jethro’s second cash finish of the WSOP and he pockets another $7,772 for his efforts. Phil Hellmuth was able to push on to accumulate a healthy stack by the end of the day and is well placed heading into another final table. After his 2nd place finish earlier in the WSOP, Hellmuth will be desperate to capture the gold bracelet: Seat 1 - Phil Hellmuth - $158,000 Seat 2 - Martin Corpuz - $76,000 Seat 3 - Peter Costa - $108,000 Seat 4 - Scott Clements - $244,000 Seat 5 - Thor Hansen - $86,000 Seat 6 - Alex Limjoco - $116,000 Seat 7 - Steve Ladowsky - $97,000 Seat 8 - Brent Carter - $49,000 Seat 9 - Ronald Matsuura - $120,000 The final table of the $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em Event saw nine players return to battle it out for the glory, the money and the coveted gold bracelet. John Shipley was first eliminated when he made a move with J7 but was caught by Paul Sheng’s pocket jacks. A short stacked Michael Chow was able to double up, but Billy Duarte wasn’t so fortunate when his A8 fell to Robert Bright’s KJ on a board QJ666, and he was out in 8th place. Robert Cohen then surged to the chip lead when he doubled up on Paul Sheng, however Michael Chow was next to go when his pocket nines were no match for Troy Parkins’ pocket jacks. Jeff Madsen then started to move some chips around, and was able to double up through Julian Gardner. However Gardner was able to fight back when his AT made a straight against Robert Bright’s pocket fours, eliminating him in 6th place. Paul Sheng fought hard and doubled up through Robert Cohen, leaving him as the short stack. Cohen busted out soon after when his JT ran into the pocket queens of Troy Parkins. This left Parkins as the chip leader, until his pocket aces were cracked by the pocket queens of Jeff Masden, and the chip lead had swapped hands once again. Parkins couldn’t recover and was knocked out in 4th place. Masden held a good lead over Gardner and Sheng and continued to apply pressure on his opponents. The three-way battle was intense, but when Masden hit a small flush against Julian Gardner’s top pair, Gardner was out in 3rd place. It was all over next hand, when the money went all-in on a board of T9866. Gardner showed A7 for the ten high straight, but Masden held J7 for the jack high straight. Jeff Masden captured the WSOP bracelet and a first place prize of $660,948.

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