WSOP Day 20 – William Chen Doubles Up

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-16 Day 20 saw the final table of the $2,500 Short-Handed No Limit Hold’Em Event with Australian Mick Guttman the chip leader at his second final table of the WSOP this year. The day got off to an amazing start for Mick when Harry Demetriou made a move at the wrong time. On a flop of 5h3h2h Harry pushed all-in with JhJc but Guttman called holding AhAs. Harry had only two outs, but they didn’t arrive and he’d gone from second in chips to be eliminated in 6th place, while Guttman moved to a commanding chip lead over the field. Nath Pizzolatto started to move his chips around and accumulated a healthy stack by coming over the top of other players. However he ran into some trouble, doubling up Dan Hicks twice and then William Chen once. This didn’t halt his aggressive play, as he doubled up through chip leader Mick Guttman. Eventually someone had to make a stand against his aggression, and Alex Bolotin chose AQ to call Pizzolatto’s all-in re-raise. However the board came J7665 and Bolotin had to settle for 5th place. Dan Hicks was next to go when his A8 was dominated by Mick Guttman’s AJ. Play then tightened somewhat as the three players had the finish line in sight. Nath Pizzolatto continued to take advantage of this and gained momentum as Mick Guttman’s lead diminished. The biggest pot of the day then came when Pizzolatto’s king high flush was too good for Guttman’s jack high flush. This crippled Mick and unfortunately he was eliminated shortly afterwards when he pushed all-in with AK, but couldn’t get any help against William Chen’s pocket jacks. Mike finished in the top 3 for the second time at this year’s WSOP and collected another $139,564 for his efforts. The heads up battle between Nath Pizzolatto and William Chen started with fairly even stacks but it only took two hands to determine a winner. On a flop of J75, Chen bet out and was called by Pizzolatto. Both players checked the 10 on the turn, before a 9 landed on the river. Chen bet out, Pizzolatto raised, and Chen quickly pushed all-in. A startled Pizzolatto made the call showing 68 for the low straight, however Chen flipped over KQ for the nuts. Nath Pizzolatto took home $238,280 for 2nd place, while William Chen amazingly won his second WSOP bracelet this year and received a cheque for $442,511. Meanwhile the $3,000 Limit Event kicked off with 341 starters. The small field was possibly due to the clash with the start of the Omaha Hi-Lo event, but there was still a quality field with a number of big name professionals. A few pros including Michael Mizrachi, Jeff Lisandro and Erick Lindgren were unfazed and decided to play in both tournaments. Mizrachi started off very loose and aggressive, and didn’t mind at all when he was eliminated early – he simply walked across the room and took up his seat in the Omaha event. At the end of the day the field had been reduced to 35 players who have all made the money. Barry Greenstein and Juan Carlos Mortensen loom as the main threats to the chip lead of Jerrod Ankeman, as they will return on Day 21 to compete for a first place prize of $291,755. Across the room the $3,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Event also got under way with 352 players hitting the felt. Jean-Robert Bellande and Daniel Negreanu were prominent early but both stumbled late in the day. Phil Hellmuth had another strong day to once again make it into the money. Australia was well represented by young gun Jethro Horowitz, who ended the day in 6th position for his third cash finish at this year’s WSOP. Jethro is in great form and will be looking for a big result when the 47 remaining players return on Day 21. Finally the $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em Event saw 101 players return to battle it out for a spot on the final table. When the dust had settled, there were nine remaining: Seat 1 - Troy Parkins - $451,000 Seat 2 - Robert Bright - $365,000 Seat 3 - Billy Duarte Jr. - $102,000 Seat 4 - Matt Madsen - $413,000 Seat 5 - Julian Gardner - $628,000 Seat 6 - Michael Chow - $125,000 Seat 7 - Robert Cohen - $419,000 Seat 8 - John Shipley - $166,000 Seat 9 - Paul Sheng - $569,000 They will return on Day 21 to compete for the gold and the first place prize of $660,948. Also on Day 21 the $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em Shootout Event will get under way which should be exciting, as well as the $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Event.

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