WSOP Day 8 - Aussie Bracelet!

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-04 Mark Vos you little beauty!! Australia is once again on top of the poker world with Mark Vos today winning the $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em event! Cheered on by the Poker Network faithful who were frantically surfing the web for live updates, “pokerbok” proved to the world what we already know – that he is a superstar in the making, with this bracelet sure to be the first of many to come for Mark. The day started out with the final table of 9 full of hope and anticipation at what may lay ahead over the next 10 hours. Vanessa Seibert was the early mover, getting lucky to knock out 2001 World Champion Carlos Mortensen followed by David Wells. However her luck soon ran out, with her bluff not enough to fool Kevin Peterson’s quad aces. Meanwhile Vos and Nam Le were moving through the field with well timed moves of aggression and power poker. Nam Le crippled the overnight chip leader, Kevin Peterson, and then J.R. Reiss landed he knockout blow and Peterson had to settle for 6th place. Nam Le stepped it up a gear, eliminating Willard Chang, Thomas Hunt and then J.R. Reiss to leave himself heads up with Vos with a near 3:1 chip lead. The heads up contest was an epic battle, with two young, aggressive, tricky players trying to outwit each other at every opportunity. One of the key pots came when on a board of J32JJ, when Le continued to push with aggression with a large bet on the river. Vos thought long and hard before calling with king high, to win the pot over Le’s 96 bluff. This amazing call by Vos will be talked about for a long time. This hand rattled Le and turned the momentum in Vos’ favour, and soon after his QT was too good for Le’s 66. Vos hit trip queens to take down the $803,274 prize money and the WSOP bracelet! Congratulations Mark! Today also saw the field in the $3,000 Limit Hold’Em event whittled down from 44 hopefuls to the final 9 contenders. There were some big names still left in the field, and it would be a dour battle to reach the final table. Phil Hellmuth looked set for another final table showdown but ran into some tough luck towards the end of the day. Hellmuth’s pocket aces were looking strong, until the board came KKJ9T and Larry Thomas from the small blind flips over pocket queens for the runner-runner straight. A typical Hellmuth tantrum followed by another loss to QQ and Phil was out the door in 13th place. Australian born Jeff Lisandro had another excellent day, maintaining his position near the top of the field, before finishing the day in 4th position. This is Jeff’s 5th WSOP final table which is a tremendous effort and he will be keen to capture the bracelet this time around. The final table tomorrow: Seat 1 - Allan Puzantyan $144,000 Seat 2 - Danny Ciaramella $38,000 Seat 3 - Jeffrey Lisandro $153,000 Seat 4 - Karlo Lopez $227,000 Seat 5 - Rich Zhu $221,000 Seat 6 - Larry Thomas $59,000 Seat 7 - Ernie Scherer $118,000 Seat 8 - William Chen $122,000 Seat 9 - Henry Nguyen $189,000 Today was also the start of the first non-Hold’Em event, which would be a welcome relief to those who like some variety in their life. The Omaha High/Low Eights or Better Event kicked off with 670 entrants and a prize pool of $1,219,400. 61 players survived the day and made it into the money. Some of the big names remaining include John Juanda, Huck Seed and Daniel Negreanu. They will be back tomorrow to fight for a spot on the final table and a shot at the $341,426 first place prize! Meanwhile Australia celebrates the success of Mark Vos, and although he enjoyed a few drinks last night, he will front up again tomorrow for the $5,000 No Limit Hold’Em Event. Maybe he can bring home bracelet number two? Let’s hope so!

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