WSOP Day 10

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-06 Today saw the $2,000 Omaha High/Low Eights or Better Event come to a conclusion with the final table contest to determine who would walk away with the WSOP bracelet and the winner’s cheque. Early on Russ Salzer ran into a huge hand of Jeff Madsen’s and was quickly short stacked. However Steve Lustig couldn’t overcome his own short stack and was soon eliminated in 9th place. Masden and Zwerner were dominant over the field and increased their leads even further. Russ Salzer was soon gone, followed by Daniel Negreanu who would be disappointed with his 7th place finish. He was crippled by Madsen when he produced the queen high flush and the nut low. Robert Collins was next to go, followed by Robert Mangino and Cong Do. With three players left, Rusty Mandap was the short stack but he started to take down plenty of pots and was able to take control of the table. He put Jeff Madsen under pressure and Madsen couldn’t survive, eliminated in 3rd place, leaving Mandap to take on Jack Zwerner heads up. Zwerner with a chip lead was able to chip away at Mandap, and soon had a commanding lead. It was all over when Mandap pushed with AAT3 but couldn’t overcome Zwerner’s A874 on a board of 65372. Jack Zwerner wins the gold bracelet and earns $341,426! Meanwhile the 7 Card Stud event kicked off today, providing a nice change of scene for those with Hold’Em blues. 480 players hit the felt, each putting $1,500, with first place set to win $163,118. Not too many Australians featured in the field for this poker variation. Mark Vos busted out fairly early, however Tony G had a solid day working his way through the field, ruffling a few feathers with his verbal jousting along the way, before unfortunately falling just short of the money. With the small blinds, the field was slow to depart which meant the players were in for a long day. Eventually by 3:15am the field was down to the final 40 with all players now in the money. Players remaining include Johnny Chan, David Sklansky, Humberto Brenes and David Williams. Play also continued today in the $5,000 No Limit Hold’Em Event, where a quality field returned to reach the final table. Isabelle Mercier was the early mover in the field, doubling up on several occasions to end the day comfortably in 4th position. The entertainment of the day came from a table featuring Phil Hellmuth, Vinnie Vinh and Jean-Robert Bellande. They exchanged plenty of chips and backed it up with plenty of table talk. Bellande was the hard luck story of the day when on a board of AK4 he calls his opponent’s all-in bet with AT. His opponent reluctantly shows 33. Bellande is looking in great shape, until the turn brings a 2 followed by a 5 on the river to give his opponent a runner-runner straight and sending Bellande packing in 21st place. Marcel Luske also was a big mover through the field late in the day, but only thanks to his fair share of luck. All-in preflop with J7, he was very lucky to get past his opponent’s dominant AJ when he rivered a straight. He was also fortunate to eliminate Dang Trinh on the bubble of the final table, when Luske's A2 flopped a wheel against Trinh’s AT. Can Marcel continue this kind of luck tomorrow? Tomorrow should be one hell of a final table. There will be plenty of skill, plenty of table talk and plenty of entertainment! Quoc Al "Vinnie" Vinh - $784,000 Phil Hellmuth Jr. - $461,000 Marcel Luske - $458,000 Isabelle Mercier - $301,000 Jeff Cabanillas - $275,000 Douglas Carli - $273,000 Eugene Todd - $240,000 Thomas Schreiber - $200,000 Dan Smith - $117,000 Can Phil Hellmuth win another WSOP bracelet? Or will one of the lesser known players emerge to take down the big name professionals and capture the $818,546 for first place?

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