WSOP Day 16 - Mike Guttman Stars at Final Table

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-12 The feature event of Day 16 was the conclusion of the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Event. This event was looked upon as the toughest field of the entire WSOP to date, so there was plenty of respect for the final nine players as they took to the felt to battle for the prestigious bracelet. Australia was cheering on Melbournian Mike Guttman who started the day well placed in 4th position. The action was hot from the start, with Mickey Appleman eliminated by Jani Vilmunen, who extended his overnight lead. Thomas Wahlroos was out shortly after when his two pair went down to Rafi Amit’s larger two pair. After some tight play, the key hand of the tournament came when Jani Vilmunen moved all-in on a flop of Js6h5s with Lee Watkinson making the call. Vilmunen shows 8d7s6h5d holding the lead over Watkinson’s AsAcQsQc. The turn is the 6s, making a full house for Vilmunen, and leaving Watkinson drawing very thin. However the river is the Qd and Watkinson makes a bigger full house! This hand gave Watkinson the chip lead, leaving Vilmunen as the short stack and he was eliminated soon after in 7th position. Nick Gibson was next to go, as Lee Watkinson started to take control of the table by taking down plenty of pots with pure aggression. Mike Guttman continued to hold his own, managing to maintain his stack by stealing the blinds and avoiding trouble. Hasan Habib battled hard as the short stack, doubling up on several occasions but the deficit was too much to overcome and he busted out on 5th place. Mike Guttman was now the short stack, but the chips were relatively evenly spread giving all players a good chance. Watkinson continued to press hard, and when he flopped the nut straight against defending champion Rafi Amit, it was an easy call against Amit’s desperate all-in move. With three players remaining Watkinson had a near 5:1 chip lead over both Dickstein and Guttman, however that lead diminished when on the very next hand Guttman was able to double up on Dickstein. All-in preflop holding KKJ2, Guttman was lucky to draw out two pair against Dickstein’s AAT5. Dickstein was eliminated next hand by Lee Watkinson in 3rd place. The heads up battle between Guttman and Watkinson was intense. Watkinson started with a 3:1 chip lead, but that disappeared when Guttman doubled up making a flush on the river against Watkinson’s kings. It looked like Guttman was starting to gain the ascendancy, managing to grab a slight lead at one point, but Watkinson was able to pull down a couple of key pots where Guttman had the second best hand and he had to simply muck his cards. It was all over on a flop of 543 as Guttman moved all-in holding JJT8, and Watkinson made the call with AQ65. Guttman’s jacks were out in front, but the 7 on the turn gave Watkinson the straight. A king on the river and Mike Guttman was eliminated in 2nd place. Lee Watkinson wins his first gold bracelet and $655,746 in prize money. A marvelous effort in this tournament by Mike Guttman, who showed incredible skill, patience and experience to outlast such a high quality field at the World Series of Poker. Mike pockets $360,659 for his efforts. Congratulations to Mike from all at Poker Network! Meanwhile the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold’Em event was underway with 590 players taking part with Australian players once again doing us proud. Joe Hachem was lucky to build his stack early when he moved all-in on a flop of AcTd8s with a 9s7s straight draw versus his opponent’s top two pair. The turn is the 3s, giving Hachem nine more outs with a flush draw. The river is the 2s, giving Joe a runner-runner flush allowing him to double up. Mel Judah wasn’t quite so lucky, after building a decent stack, his opponent landed a similar draw against him and he was eliminated soon after. Mark Vos had a solid day, working his way through the field, but unfortunately fell just short of reaching the money. However Joe Hachem continued to progress well throughout the day. He made an excellent call against an opponent on a board of QT635, when his opponent moved all-in on the river with T2, Joe made he call with KT. This gave Joe plenty of chips to play with, and he was able to relax and enjoy himself a little. He finished the day well placed in 12th position with only 22 players remaining in a field of relative unknowns. Finally 139 players returned on day two of the $1,000 No Limit Hold’Em tournament. Carlos Mortensen was looking dangerous early on, accumulating a big stack and looking set for another big finish. However he lost a key hand when bluffed off a pot by pocket tens when he was holding pocket jacks. This visibly frustrated Carlos and although he was able to fight back he fell agonizingly short of his third WSOP final table this year, finishing in 10th place. Meanwhile Humberto Brenes was doing some damage, winning a vital all-in race with AK versus JJ to double up his stack. He was able to maintain that throughout the day to reach another WSOP final table. John Phan was also a late mover, taking down a lot of pots though aggression when others were tightening up under the pressure. It should be an intriguing final table: Seat 1 - John Phan - $747,000 Seat 2 - Mike Pomeroy - $1,325,000 Seat 3 - Humberto Brenes - $564,000 Seat 4 - Tom Hawkingberry - $675,000 Seat 5 - Corey Chaston - $229,000 Seat 6 - Mike Halford - $89,000 Seat 7 - Kevin O'Donnell - $222,000 Seat 8 - John Friedberg - $189,000 Seat 9 - Thang Luu - $314,000 The anticipation and excitement is in the air at the prospects that Day 17 may bring. It will be the commencement of one of the most talked about tournaments in recent history – the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E Event. This event will draw the highest quality field of all time, and amazingly may attract in excess of 150 participants. Australia and the poker world will be watching this tournament very closely.

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