WSOP Day 7 Summary

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-03 Day 7 brought a lot of anticipation and high expectations for Australian poker fans as we followed the progress of two of our very best as they powered their way through the best poker players in the world. The feature event was the final table of the $2,500 Short Handed No Limit Hold’Em tournament. The final 6 included Australia’s World Champion Joe Hachem as he strived to capture his 2nd WSOP bracelet. The early going saw the short stacks of Jeff Knight and David Solomon fighting hard, while Russ Boyd continued to pound on his opponents with his massive chip stack and was going to be hard to beat. Joe continued to stay patient, which has been the trademark of his play all tournament, and waited for the right opportunities to strike. David Solomon was the first to go when he desperately pushed his short stack with K6 but was dominated by Mike Goodman’s KQ. Peter Hassett didn’t last much longer when his KQ was taken down by Joe Hachem’s AJ. Some great play followed with the lead changing hands on several occasions and aggression playing a key role with only 4 players remaining. Joe took the lead briefly but everyone was fighting hard to stay alive. Russ Boyd moved in for the kill, eliminating Mike Goodman and then Jeff Knight in quick succession, leaving himself heads up against Joe with a good chip lead. In a tense heads up battle, the players got their money into the pot with Joe’s AQ dominating Boyd’s A5. The flop brought AK9 and Boyd was in trouble. The J on the turn did not help, but the river brought one of the three remaining 5’s in the deck and Russ ‘Dutch’ Boyd was the winner of $2,500 Short Handed No Limit Hold’Em tournament. A marvelous effort by Australia’s Joe Hachem, and although he would be disappointed to miss out on another bracelet he will be well comforted by the $256,800 in prize money. Congratulations Joe! Today also saw the start of Event 7, the $3,000 Limit Hold’Em event. 415 players came together to compete for a prize pool of $1,145,400, with first place set to take home $343,618. Phil Hellmuth continued to prove himself as one of the greatest tournament players around with another dominant effort today to finish in the top 5 of the field. This cash finish puts Hellmuth at a record-breaking number of cashes in WSOP events with 51. From this position he will be determined to add to his already impressive WSOP record, with another final table and bracelet. Of the Australians Emad Tahtouh put in a solid showing today building a healthy stack until his KJ ran into pocket tens on a board of KKT, sending him to the rails. Sarah Bilney continued her impressive WSOP form by cashing in 45th position. Sarah had a very solid day and was fortunate (or unfortunate depending on your viewpoint) to finish right on the bubble along with another player. As they were eliminated on the same round they split the prize money of $3,436, for the final payout spot of 45th. 44 players survived day 1 and they will return tomorrow to battle it out for a spot on the final table. The second day of the $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em Event was also held today, where 124 players competed for a final table birth. This proved to be a long day for these players as competition was fierce and the action plenty! Australia was behind local hope Mark Vos as he battled hard with a short stack for most of the day. However his patience and determination was rewarded as opportunities eventually came his way towards the end of the day. Some key pots include cracking Max Pescatori’s pocket kings with A4, followed by doubling up with pocket queens against Carlos Mortensen’s pocket tens. Vos powered ahead and looks incredibly dangerous when he has chips to play with. He ended the day in 2nd chip position and will be in great shape tomorrow to compete for his first WSOP bracelet! The lineup for the final table is: Seat 1 - David Wells $275,000 Seat 2 - J.R. Reiss $229,000 Seat 3 - Willard Chang $219,000 Seat 4 - Kevin Petersen $1,130,000 Seat 5 - Nam Le $323,000 Seat 6 - Vanessa Selbst $492,000 Seat 7 - Mark Vos $528,000 Seat 8 - Thomas Hunt $468,000 Seat 9 - Carlos Mortensen $213,000 Get behind “pokerbok” tomorrow and cheer him home to victory! Tomorrow also sees the start of the first non-Hold’Em event with day 1 of the $2,000 Omaha High/Low Eight or Better event.

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