WSOP Day 6 Summary

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-02 The feature event of Day 6 of the WSOP was the battle for the bracelet at the final table of the $1,500 Limit Hold’Em event. The chip leader entering the final table was Patrick Maloney but it wasn’t to be his day, finishing a disappointing 7th. Michele Lewis put in a great effort at the final table, knocking out both Maloney and then Hank Sparks (6th) before being eliminated in 4th place when her pocket Aces were cracked by Josh Schlein’s flush. The big mover of the day was Kianoush Abolfathi who after entering the day as one of the short stacks, was able to win several key pots during the day. He found himself in the final three against Schlein and Eric Buchman, but after a tough 3-way battle, was able to eliminate Schlein in 3rd place with a set of deuces. The heads up battle between Abolfathi and Buchman was short lived, as Abolfathi found himself with a near 8:1 chip lead. Buchman’s desperate 98 was not good enough against Abolfathi’s T6 on a board of KT447. Kianoush Abolfathi captured the coveted WSOP bracelet and the first place prize of $335,289! Day 6 also saw the start of event 6 – the $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em Event. A massive field of 1,919 starters established a prize pool of $3,492,580, with the eventual winner set to pocket over $800,000 – the largest prize of the WSOP so far! Australia was well represented once again with strong performances by Mark Vos, Gary Benson and Mel Judah. Benson worked his way through the field to eventually finish in the money in 130th place – a great effort. Vos built himself a large stack to at one stage be placed in the top 10, thanks largely to one key pot where he was fortunate when his 88 spiked a third 8 against KK. Vos is well positioned in 38th place heading into day 2 and should be able to put in a strong showing tomorrow! 124 players were able to survive day 1 and will be back tomorrow as the field will reduce even further as they fight for a spot on the final table. The highlight of the day for Australian poker fans was the progress of World Champion Joe Hachem in day 2 of the $2,500 Shorthanded No Limit Hold’Em event. Joe battled as a short stack through most of this tournament, as he struggled to build momentum during the day. However he showed his skill, class and large tournament experience to stay patient and wait to pick his spots to make a move. In a tense few hours the field was slowly whittled down to the final table of six. The biggest surprise came when Daniel Negreanu was eliminated in 8th place after leading the tournament for the best part of two days. His pocket aces were cracked when Russ "Dutch" Boyd flopped a set with his pocket sevens. The final table should be an absolute beauty tomorrow, with the six-handed format sure to create plenty of action! The lineup is as follows: Russ 'Dutch' Boyd - $909,000 Michael Goodman - $573,000 Joseph Hachem - $297,000 Peter Hassett - $150,000 David Soloman - $93,000 Jeff Knight - $62,000 Stay tuned to Poker Network for regular updates of the Australians' progress at the WSOP.

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