WSOP Day 5 Summary

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-01 Another bracelet would be decided today with the final table of Event #3, the $1,500 Pot Limit event. Online superstar Eric Lynch (screenname Rizen) headed into the final table with a commanding lead, but it was never going to be easy against a strong field featuring 3-time WSOP bracelet winner John Juanda. However the final table was a rollercoaster ride with many twists and turns, and Juanda would not make it bracelet number four, finishing in a disappointing 8th place. A hand featuring Can Kim Hua and Rafe Furst typified the action of this final table. Can Kim Hua raised to $60,000 and Rafe Furst made the call from position. The flop presented an inconspicuous Q77 and Hua fires $55,000. Furst makes the call and the turn is a 3. Hua checks and Furst bets $53,000 at the pot. Hua check-raises enough to put Furst all-in and Furst immediately calls, showing AA. However, Hua turns over the powerhouse hand of 72 and Furst needs to catch an ace on the river to stay alive. The river brings the miracle A and the crowd around the final table erupts as Furst catches a full house on the river to double up and stay alive! Another amazing hand came about when Burt Boutin was eliminated in 5th position. Boutin, on the button, moved all-in for his last $56,000. Both Rock Enciso and Eric Lynch call from the blinds. The flop comes K74 and Enciso bets the pot. Lynch moves all in for an additional $86,000 and Enciso makes the call. Lynch turns over 74 for two pair but Enciso flips over K7 for top two pair. Boutin turns up A3 and is way behind. The turn is a 3 but the river brings another 4, giving Lynch a full house and eliminating Burt Boutin in 5th place! Eventually Rafe Furst would come through the 1,102 strong field to take his first WSOP bracelet and the $345,984 paycheck when his 84 flopped 2 pair against Rocky Enciso’s J4 in the final hand of the tournament. Today also saw day 2 of the $1,500 Limit event as 69 players came back to battle it out to reach the final table. This day was dominated by the action of Phil Ivey, who powered through the field to take a commanding lead. It looked like Ivey was heading for WSOP bracelet number six, and it became a matter of ‘who can stop him?’. However as is the nature of the game, things turned on Ivey in an instant. Ivey ran into pocket Aces in consecutive hands against the same opponent - Lars Hansen. In two massive blows Ivey went from chip leader to the short stack of the field, eventually bowing out in 21st position. Play resumes tomorrow with the final 9 battling it out for the glory, the fame, the money and the bracelet! Final Table: Patrick Maloney - $260,000 Josh Schlein - $243,000 Hank Sparks - $243,000 Michelle Lewis - $225,000 Eric Buchman - $213,000 Lars Hansen - $156,000 Vipul Kothari - $132,000 Kianoush Abolfathi - $75,000 Matthew Elsby - $51,000 The third event of the day was the start of the $2,500 Short Handed No Limit Hold’Em event. 824 starters and the largest Australian contingent of this year’s WSOP to date hit the felt for a shot at the $475,712 first prize. Australians featured prominently with Poker Network’s own Jonny Vincent putting in a strong showing, finishing 133rd and not far from the money. After building a decent stack early, he was dented when his AK was unlucky against A5 and he never recovered. Poker pro Tony G also surged to an early large stack. He was helped by a hand where both he and his opponent had all their money in with a board of 76655. His opponent flipped over pocket Aces but Tony showed a powerhouse 96 for the full house! However Tony would not survive the day, finishing in the money in 84th place, eliminated when his pocket fives ran into an Erick Lindgren’s broadway straight. WSOP Champion Joe Hachem was also looking strong, highlighted by a hand where his KK was all-in against both TT and AK. With no help for his opponents, Joe was able to triple up and jump into the top 10 of the field, where he would remain for most of the day. Unfortunately he came unstuck later on in a big clash with Kathy Liebert which left him short stacked. But in true Aussie spirit, he was able to hang in there and made up ground late in the day when his pocket Aces crippled young pro Daniel Alaei. Joe enters Day 2 with some work to do but certainly in with a good chance to make the final table. However the day belonged to Daniel Negreanu. He led from start to finish in this tournament, completely dominating the field with his aggression, skill and flair. He personally eliminated many, many players and has built a huge lead heading into Day 2. Anything short of a final table result would be a huge shock for Negreanu and he will be very hard to stop in this event. 39 players will be back tomorrow as the field narrows down to the final 9! Hopefully Joe can bring it home for Australia!

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