WSOP Main Event Day 6 – Final Table in Sight

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-09 There were 45 players that started Day 6 of the Main Event, and with the pointy end in sight, it was expected to be a long and gruelling day. With the field to play down to 27 players, it was a complete surprise when there was eight runners eliminated in the first two-hour level of play. Everyone was obviously playing to win and it made for some fascinating poker. Australia’s last remaining player Jeff Lisandro was on the feature table and began an interesting battle with Prahlad Friedman. Prahlad – known for his online moniker ‘Spirit Rock’ is a feared cash game player renowned for his wild and unpredictable play. Both players traded blows throughout the day and often showed their cards even if the hand didn’t go to showdown. On the button, Lisandro raised to 140,000 and Friedman made the call from the big blind. The flop came down A-K-J, Friedman checked, Lisandro bet 200,000 and Friedman folded, with Lisandro showing pocket fours. The next hand, Lisandro made it 140,000 again, and this time Friedman reraised to 350,000 from the small blind. Lisandro called and the flop was Ac-Jc-8c. Friedman bet out 500,000 and Lisandro folded with Friedman showing a lowly 9s2d. Later in the day, they clashed again when Lisandro limped from the button and Prahlad checked from the big blind. On a flop of Ks-Qc-8h Friedman checked-called Lisandro’s 100,000 bet. Both players checked the 7h on the turn, and the river was a Jc. Friedman bet 225,000 and Lisandro folded only to see his opponent flip up 6h3d. Lisandro eliminated Lowell Kim late in the day with A8 vs KQ to take down a 1M pot, and finished the day very well-placed in ninth with 3,715,000. Jeff is one of the few recognised names still in the field, along with Allan Cunningham and Eric Lynch. Allan, along with Prahlad, are the only WSOP bracelet winners still left in the field. Allan won a huge hand in the afternoon, netting almost 2M in chips when he flopped a set with 55. Up to over 3M in chips, he faded slightly later in the day to go into Day 7 in 15th place with 2,300,000. Eric “Rizen” Lynch is recognised as one of the best online tournament players in the world. Having recently won the PokerStars 1 Million Guaranteed, and with a number of strong results, he has also started accumulating a string of live cashes as well with a 3rd place finish in the $1500 Pot-Limit Hold’em at this year’s World Series. Lynch had a quiet day and currently stands in 17th place with 1,785,000. The chip leader at the start of the day was Jamie Gold, and he increased that lead even further when he eliminated Brian Hansen. On a flop of 9-8-4, Gold bet out 300,000 and Hansen reraised all-in for 1.9M. Gold made a quick call with aces, and Hansen reluctantly flipped over his pocket tens. The board blanked out and Gold was up to 9.4M. He continued to bully his table for the rest of the day and finished a clear leader with 13,000,000, almost twice the stack of Erik Friberg in second place. One of the lighter stories from the day was the announcement by David Einhorn that he would donate all his winnings from the WSOP Main Event to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research. Einhorn is on the Foundation’s board of directors and is the president of Greenlight Capital, an investment firm with over $3 billion in assets. David is currently in third place with 6,905,000 in chips, and is guaranteed at least $494,797 in prizemoney. The 27 remaining players will return on Day 7 to play down to the final table of nine players. The average chipstack is 3,268,370 and players are guaranteed at least $494,797. Blinds will start at 25,000/50,000 (5,000 ante) when play resumes. The remaining players are: Jamie Gold (Malibu, CA) $13,000,000 Erik Friberg (Stockholm, Sweden) $7,735,000 David Einhorn (Rye, NY) $6,905,000 Rhett Butler (Rockville, MD) $6,400,000 Michael Binger (Atherton, CA) $5,725,000 Dan Nassif (St. Louis, MO) $5,430,000 William Thorson (Sweden) $3,765,000 Jeffrey Lisandro (Salerno, Italy) $3,715,000 Kevin Aaronson (Mission Viejo, CA) $3,670,000 Douglas Kim (Hartsdale, NY) $3,595,000 Richard Lee (San Antonio, TX) $3,275,000 John Magill (Ireland) $3,275,000 Allen Cunningham (Las Vegas, NV) $2,650,000 Leif Force (Tallahassee, FL) $2,265,000 Kevin O'Donnell (Scottsdale, AZ) $2,130,000 Prahlad Friedman (Los Angeles, CA) $1,850,000 Eric Lynch (Olathe, KS) $1,785,000 Lee Kort (Los Angeles, CA) $1,700,000 Rob Roseman (Miami, FL) $1,685,000 Fred Goldberg (Hollywood) $1,611,000 Dustin Holmes (Atlanta, GA) $1,210,000 Sirous Jamshidi (Philadelphia, PA) $1,190,000 Luke Chung (Atlanta, GA) $1,100,000 Paul Wasicka (Westminster, CO) $700,000 Siddharth Jain (Los Angeles, CA) $675,000 Mark Garner (Little Rock, AR) $635,000 Richard Wyrick (Lake Mary, FL) $570,000

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