WSOP Main Event Day 1C – Gaz on fire!

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-01 The third round of first day action kicked off in the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event with 2,100 players hitting the felt in the hope of surviving long enough to reach the end of the day. Tuan Le was an early mover while Sammy Fahra was a surprise early casualty. On a board of 9-6-4-6-2 Fahra moved all-in on the river with pocket nines for the full house, however his opponent flipped over pocket sixes for quads to eliminate a stunned Fahra from the tournament. Daniel Negreanu moved well through the field using typically aggressive tactics to pick up plenty of dead money. He surged to be amongst the chip leaders in a hand where his opponent held AK for top two pair but Negreanu’s suited connectors were able to river a flush. Antonio Esfandiari didn’t have such a good day - he busted holding pocket nines against his opponent’s two pair. On the ESPN featured table, Mike “The Mouth” Matusow was a little unlucky when he had all of his money in with a set of sevens against his opponent’s flush draw. A fifth diamond on the river completed the flush and also sent Mike to the rail. Other big name players to fall during the day included Jennifer Tilly, Jean-Robert Bellande, Jennifer Harman, TJ Cloutier and Steve Dannenman. The Australian representatives also had a bit of a mixed day. Damien Carroll was out relatively early when his top two pair was busted by a set, while Tony Hachem and Billy Argyros also couldn’t survive. Nathan “MakybeDiva” Johnstone was progressing well when he knocked out Scott Lazar with pocket aces versus pocket kings. But when Nathan was moved to the table of close friend Gareth “Gaz” Edwards, the beers increased proportionately and his fortune decreased, and he unfortunately fell to AQ when he held pocket kings. Gaz on the other hand had a more productive day. After an up-and-down day which saw him everywhere inbetween 4k and 30k, he entered the last break with 15,000 determined to put pressure on the tight group of players at his table. Gaz cleaned up in the last 2-hr session, first he flopped two pair with KT against a player with K3 who flopped top pair and a flush draw and called all the way to showdown. He then flopped trips with AK vs A3, the board coming A-A-Q-J-T to give him the straight, and flopped a set with 33 to bust a player with pocket kings and finished the night with 75,000 in chips. Another Australian, Billy Sukkar, was making good progress during the day and at one point had built his stack to a healthy 32,000. On a flop of T23 Billy got his money into the middle in good shape with pocket twos for a set. Unfortunately his opponent made a quick call with pocket tens for a higher set and sent Billy home early. Although we don’t have complete details at this stage, Tony Dunst was last seen at 23k, Sarah Bilney is hanging on with 6k and Rosa Bennett may have also survived the day. Stay tuned to the PokerNetwork noticeboard for further details as they come to hand. At the end of the day’s play the field had been whittled down to 867 players that have made it through day 1C and will move on to day 2.

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