WSOP Main Event Day 1D – Hachem's Defence Starts

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-02 The fourth instalment of day one action got underway in the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event as another 2,160 players came together to attempt to make it to Day 2. This brought the total number of entrants to over 8,700 with the eventual champion set to win an enormous $11,500,000USD Sean Sheikhan was eliminated early when his pocket queens were cracked by a set of nines, while Mark Aubin had a little more luck when his AT of hearts flopped a royal flush. PokerNetwork’s Jonny “Yoyo” Vincent got off to a good start and had increased his stack to 14,000 by the first break. Jonny was seated at the very same table as Western Australia’s Aleks Lackovic. Aleks managed to increase his stack early in the day when he tried to push his opponent off the pot with only a gutshot, but his opponent called quickly holding a set. Fortunately for Aleks he hit his miracle draw on the river to double up with a straight. Both players were separated as their table was broken but continued to shine. Aleks finished with 58,825, while Jonny ended the day with 22,750, and was incredibly unlucky not to finish with more chips after he lost a string of huge pots where he had his opponents dominated. Despite his bad run, Vincent showed confidence about his day’s performance - when asked for a comment he replied, “I’m so hot right now.” Marcel Luske, Freddy Deeb and Surindar Sunar were all amongst the chip leaders during the day, while Australia’s defending World Champion Joe Hachem also got his campaign off to a good start. Seated on the featured table, an opponent pushed all-in with pocket queens and Joe made an easy call with pocket aces. The flop brought Joe a third ace and sent his opponent to the rail. Joe took advantage of this good start and continued to accumulate chips during the day against a weak table. He steadily increased his stack and took down a large pot late in the day with pocket kings against AQs. Towards the end of the day Joe was sitting pretty and finished with 56,500, well above the average. During the day, one person earned the unfortunate distinction of being the first player to be disqualified from the main event. In the process of moving to a new table, the player innocently put his chips into his pockets in order to transfer them across. A floor person spotted this indiscretion and informed the player that it was a breach of rules and all chips that were taken from sight were to be removed from play. Unfortunately it meant that the player in question was left without any chips to play with. Other big name eliminations from the day were Erik Seidel, Vince Van Patten, Erick Lindgren, Chris Moneymaker, Scott Fischman, Johnny Chan, Blair Rodman and Chip Reese. Roughly 900 players made it through to Day 2B which will take place on Wednesday. Stay tuned to PokerNetwork for the latest updates and chip counts of all the competing Australians.

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