WSOP Main Event Day 2B – Hachem Finishes Strong

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-04 Day 2B saw 1736 players from Days 1C and 1D return to see who would join the 591 players from Day 2A in Day 3. This was the last of the multi-flight days and players had the advantage of knowing that if they could finish around with 77,000 (the average from Day 2A) or more, they would be well on their way to the money. Defending champion Joe Hachem started the day with 86,950 and was quickly up to 108k, before finding himself card dead in the afternoon and headed to the dinner break with 59,000. However in the final sessions, Hachem found some hands, taking down a 36,000 pot with trip 8s, and with half an hour left to play, Joe flopped trip fives and was paid off with a 60,000 pot. He ended the day with 114,100. Gareth Edwards was the second placed Aussie going into Day 2B and took advantage of a tight table, using his big stack to push players out of hands. With Jd9d Gareth raised to 5,000 from the cutoff and was called by the button and big blind. On a flop of Q-J-4, the BB checked, Gareth bet 7,000 and was raised by the button to 20,000 total. Gareth pushed all-in for another 30,000 more and this put the button into the tank. Gareth eventually had to call time on the player, who folded AJ. Freddy Deeb was moved to his immediate right in the evening and the two aggressive players clashed – Gareth called Freddy’s preflop raise with A6 and players saw a flop of 4-7-8. Freddy bet the pot, and Gareth decided to call with the overcard and gutshot as Deeb had been bluffing all day. The turn was the 5, filling Gareth’s straight, and Deeb bet the pot again, with Gareth smooth calling. The river was a blank and Freddy bet out once more, this time Gareth pushed all-in and was insta-called by Freddy with 64 and the pot was chopped. After an up-and-down day, Gareth finished with 75,900 – just 825 more than what he started the day with, but still well ahead of most of the field. Honorary Australian Tony Dunst was cruising along throughout the day and had built up to 63,000 early. In the session before the break he suffered what was the worst beat of the day. With pocket sevens on the button, he called a raise and it went heads up to the flop. The flop came down J-7-3 and the other player led out while Tony flat called with his set. The turn was a six, and Tony’s opponent pushed all-in, with Tony making a quick call. The other player flipped over pocket sixes for a lower set, and the river was the unbelievable case six, which robbed Tony of a 110,000 pot and left him crippled with 15,500. The very next hand Tony was able to double up with AK versus AQ and was quickly back to 68,000, but was forced to lay down some hands late in the day and finished on 46,500. Justin “The Hux” Huxley found himself in good fortune early, as he found himself on a table with Ray Sanchez, winner of the Speed Poker event at the Aussie Millions in January. As part of the team that produced the Speed Poker show for television, Hux joked that he had seen every hand Ray had played. The first hand with Ray at the table, Hux found aces and heads up with Ray but his inside information couldn’t get him paid off. Later Hux was moved to the feature table with Daniel Negreanu and caught a massive break when he was all in with KK against a player of equal stack with AK. Up to 150,000 Hux had a quiet last session as the other players tangled with Daniel and he will go into Day 3 with 136,300. WA’s Aleks Lackovic started the day above average with 58,825 but was unfortunately eliminated when he flopped top two pair versus an opponent’s bottom set. A shortstacked Sarah Bilney was denied a further cash, and Jonny Vincent was eliminated late in the day after an arduous two days of play where he had to change tables nine times. WA’s Marcus Collins was left with 4,000 early in the day but amazingly recovered to finish well above average with 108,600, and fellow WAer Peter Antill was seated on the feature table on Negreanu’s left all day and found himself on a bit of a rollercoaster, up to 130,000 at one stage before finishing with 65,900. Rayan Nathan also had a remarkable day, he started with just 8,275 but ended with 51,800. Brian McDonald was the other Australian to make it through the day with 31,200. Players have a rest day before Day 3 commences on Friday. There are 1159 players remaining, with 873 players paid and the average stack at 76,008. Chip leader is Dmitri Nobles on 549,200. There are sixteen Australians remaining, here’s how they are placed going into Day 3 play: 44 Jeff Lisandro - $194,800 142 Justin Huxley - $136,300 216 Joe Hachem - $114,100 220 Peter Son - $112,800 237 Marcus Collins - $108,600 251 Russell Davies - $105,100 396 Mark Vos - $81,100 440 Gareth Edwards - $75,900 511 Sam Khouiss - $69,500 553 Peter Antill - $65,900 647 Sam Korman - $57,700 708 Rayan Nathan - $51,800 713 Adrian Pitt - $51,300 763 George Dunst - $46,500 945 Brian McDonald - $31,200 1155 Toby Atroshenko - $4,100

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